the paradox of miranda priestly

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cdc lullaby

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palais de tokyo

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one month

It’s a fact that July has 30 days, it is also a fact that those 30 days represent 30 new chances to see the sun rising, also it’s downfall. After those 30 days, you will be 30 days older and the sun had already made its way down to your skin. There is no soulful purpose for living those 30 days intensively, however, these last 30 days have showed me a few things.

A few years ago, I couldn’t grasp the whole meaning of ‘’family values,’’ although there we present in my life, there wasn’t really a time I thought about the importance of appreciating your family, accepting them as they are, and if you can’t, at least making a compromise with yourself to respect who they’ve decided to become. After 6 years of being away from Colombia, I respect and value my family more than I ever did...

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summer song

Summer Song (William Carlos Williams 1883-1963)

Wanderer moon
smiling a
faintly ironical smile
at this
brilliant, dew-moistened
summer morning,—
a detached
sleepily indifferent
smile, a
wanderer’s smile,—
if I should
buy a shirt
your color and
put on a necktie
where would they carry me?

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It is usually said that age is not to be perceived only as a number but a gathering of experiences, the latest provide life with new colors and sounds, some of which can make one’s heart grow or shrink. To my surprise, life has proved its capacity for changing everything from time to time. What was meant to be just a casual “meet and great” turned into a next day breakfast,  which then turned into a concert, the Mediterranean Sea, a trip to Prag, a bike ride to Monaco and getting lost in someone else’s mental labyrinth.

Distance won’t be a defining factor soon, and now there’s just the joy of taking up challenges, going through them and deciphering myself through the eyes of someone who I crossed and intertwined paths with.

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Wearing shades of sunlight, joy of Epicurus and Poseidon’s love for the sea

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see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

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On Being A Runner for five Years

Moving from Colombia to Germany in 2012 brought the chance to reinvent myself. One of my goals included doing more sports or at least caring a bit more about my body and myself. I decided to start running because it sounded like the easiest and less expensive way to start moving my body.

After five years of running 4 times a week, I can only say how grateful I feel that I decided to embark on this journey. At the beginning, it was only about the physical training, the exhaustion, and to a certain extent, the reward of accomplishing some kilometers. As life goes by, so does happiness, loneliness, joy and all the other feelings that enrich our lives. At some point, running became part of my routine, and I realized I wasn’t running anymore to see results, I was running away from my problems...

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it seems like nice will be my second home

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Lamento lento

En la noche del corazón
la gota de tu nombre lento
en silencio circula y cae
y rompe y desarrolla su agua.

Algo quiere su leve daño
y su estima infinita y corta,
como el paso de un ser perdido
de pronto oído.

De pronto, de pronto escuchado
y repartido en el corazón
con triste insistencia y aumento
como un sueño frío de otoño.

La espesa rueda de la tierra
su llanta húmeda de olvido
hace rodar, cortando el tiempo
en mitades inaccesibles.

Sus copas duras cubren tu alma
derramada en la tierra fría
con sus pobres chispas azules
volando en la voz de la lluvia.

By Pablo Neruda.

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The pictures shown above are just a sample of the street-art-scene of Turin. With the exception of the polar bear, I found most of this pieces by using THIS map. The bear can be found in the south façade of the Teatro Colosseo.

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Latinos for Trump ?

Latinos for trump

The hottest topic of the moment around the world happens to be U.S politics – Who’s winning? Who has dropped out of the race? These are just a few of the topics we’ve been confronted with lately. The profile of each candidate turned out to be our daily bread and as we all know, there’s one peculiar candidate who arouses both feelings of disgust and for some others respect.

As you may know, we’re talking about Mr. Trump – Yes, the man with the funny hair and the orange skin! In case you don’t know what he represents, I’ll just offer some adjectives:

Misogynist – Racist – Sexist

Now that you been given the “Trump for dummies” it’s time for me to delve into the facts.

Even if Mr...

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I Didn’t Get Into Berghain. Now what?

Salt cathedral Zipaquira

This happened just a few weeks ago, I was ready to show the world my dance steps influenced by my Colombian genes and my long nights of dancing to techno around the city. I remember it was a Sunday afternoon, the queue to get into Berghain wasn’t very long and the bouncers didn’t seem very picky that day.

As people kept getting in, I realized I was already at the entrance. Nostalgia starts running through my body as I hear the beat of the music they were playing that evening through the door. Ready for the usual yes, I approached the door, just to have one of the door guys say, “we don’t want you here” – I had no option but to leave with all the energy I had while completely amazed about being rejected from Berghain.

I’ve written guides on how to get in to Berghain and being rej...

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What should I wear to get into Berghain?

berghain outfitBerghain is known for being one of the best party venues in the world. Its not unusual to hear 1st-time Berlin visitors and locals talk about the legendary club and how amazing they imagine it to be. But the club’s door policy is also legendary. So before going, an important question to ask is:

What Outfit Should I Wear if I go to Berghain?

There’s no ” Charlie Charlie” answer for this. Just a few suggestions I can give you, these are based on what I’ve seen when partying there. I’ve grouped the ages from Berghain goers and tried to recreate some of the outfits they wear.

The first group would be the ”youngsters” – Yes, I just said youngsters! This group of Berghain goers is mostly composed of people between 20 and 35. Young professionals and students can be included in this group...

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Is It Right To Be Gay?

Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-02 um 19.58.49

Picture by Daniel Foster

I don’t agree with what Luis Pabon said in “Why I No Longer Want to Be Gay.” For him, being gay is something that you can outgrow, and when it has outlived its usefulness, you can go back and live life as a straight man. It feels his being gay is superficial and became gay for all the wrong reasons.

Pabon said he came to the gay community in search of love, intimacy and brotherhood, but all he found was loneliness, disunity, and infidelity. He might have been hanging around with the wrong crowd. The community is not perfect, but the same can be said for any community. And in order to find a good set of friends, whether they are gay or straight, is to hang out with the right crowd.

Being gay, I don’t like how Pabon stereotyped gay men as having indiscriminate...

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Aesop for Men

AESOP MALE BEAUTYFace cleaner for men

If you are in search for an excellent way of cleansing the dirt that has built up or formed on your skin layers, Aesop’s Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser is the suitable cleanser to use. It is a mild cleanser product from Aesop that is used with water to easily remove make up and grime from your skin. It contains the mixture of parsley seed, avocado, lavender oils and sweet almond oils that does not only soften your skin, but also makes it look refreshed and cleansed.

You can apply it to a dampened skin and rub it on your face and on your neck. To obtain the finest result from the use of this product, use it on a daily basis while leaving it on your face for several minutes before you rinse it off with warm water.

By using it twice in a day, the 200mL Aesop Facial Cleanser can last for ab...

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Honest by Bruno Pieters

Honest by bruno pieters

honest by bruno pieters

202_lbdlPhotography by Alex Salinas, 2012.

Honest by Bruno Pieters

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve had a proper conversation about Fashion and the things that are happening in the Industry,  surprisingly it all came back to me yesterday. The trigger? Just someone very interesting who seems to like things that have a story behind, also  into the small but very important details of Fashion. After walking around the city and having a very  unhealthy Frozen Yogurt, he mentioned  the ethical principles from a label he’s discovered a while ago.

The name of this label is Honest, it’s Directive Creator’s name is Bruno Pieters. A Belgian fashion designer and art director highly regarded for his avant-garde creations and sharp tailoring...

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How to get into Berghain?

CLothing to go to Berghain

Some of the questions first timers ask themselves before going to Berghain(the best club in Europe) are :

What type of people get into Berghain?

What should I wear if I want to get into Berghain?

As I’m not an experienced Berghain goer, I can only say that I’ve seen some people getting in and some others being left over in the line. Of course with a broken heart for not being able to party like monsters in one the most famous party venues in the world. It seems like there are even urban legends about some of the things you can experience  in Berghain. Which makes me think why is Berghain so attractive? It’s just a club… calm down and keep your crap together… Behave like you’re too cool to even want to get into Berghain.

Being gay might help to get into Berghain, being straight can help...

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