Starbucks en Bogotá

starbucks en Colombia

La llegada de Starbucks a Colombia es un hecho, la nueva tienda está localizada en el  parque de la 93  y tiene conmocionada a toda la ciudad, los motivos por los cuáles los habitantes de la ciudad capitalina están en shock no son del todo claros. A pesar de que la tienda fue inaugurada hace un par de semanas la conmoción no para de ser obvia en las redes sociales y el pueblo en general, por este motivo tomé la decisión de esperar un buen tiempo para captar y analizar algunas de las reacciones de las personas que son parte de mis redes sociales, para mi sorpresa las opiniones aún parecen ser muy divididas y al parecer muchos defienden su punto de vista a capa y espada.

Una de las primeras reacciones que se hicieron notorias fue la indignación de muchos al ver las inmensas filas y...

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Fashion Cartoon

fashion cartoons

fashion cartoon from kim and Kanye


fashion cartoon

fashion jokes

Fashion Week JOKES

Cartoons by Thecartoonist

I didn’t know there was such thing as very good fashion cartoons out there, from Donatella to Alber, this includes some of the funniest cartoons I have ever seen. Have a good time!


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Controversial Terry Richardson Campaign-Again!

terry richardon controversial campaignterry richardson controversial campaign

Image via TakePart / Photo via Lauren Wade

I guess he did it one more time, although this time men are the ones being sexualized…

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manorexia and skinny male models

male anorexia


”Is a term that refers to males suffering from the eating disorder, anorexia nervosa. Manorexia is not an official medical term, but is often referred to by the media in medical reports. In 2006, a major news network released a story about manorexia being on the rise, estimating that one million men in the United States suffered from it. Anorexia nervosa, or simply anorexia, is a psychological eating disorder that causes people to diet beyond control, often to the point of starvation. Experts believe that anorexia stems from an individual’s need to control their body and they become obsessed with weight loss out of a fear of losing control and becoming overweight...

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Guía para vestir en el Verano

Como vestir en el Verano

como vestir rosado



como vestir de rosado

pink shoes are in

guia para vestir de rosado

male bloggers in Germany Berlin

Cherry Blossom Dream from Michael Altenhenne

Guía para vestir en el Verano

El verano está en su punto más alto, las temperaturas oscilan entre los 20 y 35 grados, los habitantes de Berlín están listos para salir a las calles, playas, bares y lugares públicos en donde la diversión esta casi garantizada. Aunque sería la oportunidad perfecta para ser creativo, parece que las personas de esta ciudad no entienden nada acerca de vestirse, por un lado veo gente que viste aún menos arreglada que en Invierno, los hipsters y bloggers que han decidido ir por el ‘nomcorelook (me refiero a vestir sandalias y jeans rotos y creer que por hacerlo se es lo mejor de la ciudad)… Sin embargo me pregunto cuántos hombres he visto con prendas de color rosa.

Berlín no se destaca mucho por t...

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the things that I hate of being a twink

The temperatures in Berlin have been stable for the last week, we have had around 25 to 30 degrees, and people seem to finally get into the Summer mood. As we all know this weather has its perks and one of them is the way you can dress to go out and how open-minded citizens seem to be when it comes to summer dressing.

It’s 5:30 pm and I have to go out in half an hour, gotta take shower and get ready… I ask myself what should I wear, see all my shorts and realize they are ‘too’ short, then I  remember all the things that are related to short-shorts and how easily your image can be missled while wearing something or having a certain type of face. Some people have called me a twink and said I wear outfits for twinky guys, and also said that look I pretty much like one...

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Illustration created by Jess Hale


Another Fashion week is over, this joke feels like it’s over… Berlin’s Fashion week has always seemed a joke to me, not only for the perfection people seem to show while waiting to get into a show, the way they look at each other and just the fact that many pretend to be something they are not. Glitter everywhere, high heels everywhere and the lack of humbleness can be smelt from miles away...

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Fashion week is almost over! My feet hurt from walking and somehow I feel satisfied of the things I saw, and the people I met. As expected, I got to see the 95% of ”clackers” I didn’t really want to see, the PR girls who’s ego is bigger than the debt on their CCs, and of course the models who push you away jut because they have to go through…

As said before, I only assisted to a couple events, one of them was the UMASAN runway during this Fashion week. The show was something particulary good, the performance was very interesting...

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Fashion Week Insider : BRACHMANN

backstage fashion week

FW preparing

fashion week preparation

Fashion week jewellery

teno jewellery

Jewellery by Teno

models during the FW

fashion week brachmann

brachmann show 2014

Fashion Week Insider : BRACHMANN

Fashion week is not over, we still have a whole week full of events and things to prepare ( not in my case, since I won’t go everywhere) but there’s a couple things I want to see.

Being part of a team during the FW is something amazing, working with nice people with clear and transparent work ethics really makes a difference.  This adventure started on Saturday when we had our Casting, around 70 models came to visit us, some of them with a bit of an attitude, but mostly nice and open to each request we had. To make such a desition of who stays and who doesn’t is really hard, they looked so good that you actually have to take the desition based on the way they made you feel and how confident they were.

After deciding who stays and ...

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Pictures taken by

DO NOT PANIC BEFORE THE SHOW is the best way to keep things cool if you’re trying to survive through the days of casting, fitting and of course the excitement of making of part of a real show with real models, real designers and a very nice work-team.

This are some pictures I took during this weekend while working with the post-classical-menswear label BRACHMAN by assisting the styling and the many things that have to be done to keep things moving. I realised working with such a cool team makes me feel identified with this label, the treatment the models got was really good, I felt some of them were actually shocked because of the fact of being treated like humans and not just like a pretty face with a hot body whose labour is just looking good.

The p...

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Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-04 um 20.14.09

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-04 um 20.13.56



After going through a complete twist for the last few months, I can finally say things have started to look significantly better for me in different aspects of my life, and for me that is the perfect opportunity to start something that was one of my biggest hobbies before, yes! I mean interviewing artists that represent a source of inspiration for the things I do, people who have the power and ability to create emotions, bring memories back and changing one’s day by showing their work and putting their energy into it.

This time I would like to introduce you to Yoh Nagao : I took this extract from his official biography…

” Yoh Nagao is a pop collage artist from Aichi Prefecture, Japan, who has been based in Berlin since April 2012.
After graduating from Nagoya...

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Advertisement with LGBT content




images source

 MSGM Fall Winter 2014.15

MSGM enlists fashion photographer Giampaolo Sgura to capture their Fall Winter 2014.15 campaign starring Dominik Bauer and Mariano Ontanon.

Advertisement with LGBT content seems to start becoming famous, girls kissing girls, cute male models acting and making us believe they are kissing while posing for the camera, it all looks perfect and somehow seems to be atractive for many people ( it’s guys kissing c’mon)… At the same time I was thinking about the people who are actually watching this advertisement, is it regular people watching it, fashion lovers and people that have to do with the industry?

The answer to this question is something I definitely don’t know for sure, this will be probably in thousands of sites and magazines, but once again w...

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This is a guide on how to survive a fashion week in Berlin, do not expect huge names while speaking of it, just expect the truth and my point of view about this topic ( mostly some grumpy comments from a no-fan-from-the-fashion-scene-since-realising-it-was-empty type of guy)… Anyways, the whole circus begins on the 8th of July, for me a couple days before since I have the honour to be assisting a nice label on their process to prepare their show. Can’t be more excited about it!


 In the following paragraphs I will take care of showing you what you can expect out of Berlin Fashion week, the people you will meet, and how you can possibly avoid getting dissapointed of the whole Berlin fashion scene.

annoying fashion bloggers

The first group I would like to start about are my dear Fashi...

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  • BANG BANG to those who think others won’t ever make it
  • BANG BANG to those who take themselves too serious
  • BANG BANG to myself when I take myself too serious
  • BANG BANG when I don’t listen to what people have to say
  • BANG BANG to the Berlin way of paying artists


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Cry for Help on Primark products

primark - cry- for helpFAKE PRIMARK NEWS

Cry for Help on Primark  : The truth behind the story

Everybody seem to be talking about the Primark scandal during the last 2 weeks, people seem to find horrible and outrageous how things have been showing up lately and the only thing I can ask myself is: Does worrying even make a difference?

The reason why I ask myself and my readers about this is just because I know people freak out about this shocking news for a couple of days  ( while they still but their crap at Primark ) but then it’s forgotten and we all pretend things didn’t happen or simply didn’t have enough time to follow up on the news… Another thing that bothers me a lot from some people I’ve got on FB is their hypocrisy towards this issue, some of them wear Primark a lot and still have the guts to protest against this?


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Semana de la moda de París Primavera/ Verano 2015


Semana de la moda de París

Primavera Verano 2015

La semana de la moda de París y Milán han llegado a su final, las multitudes de visitantes, compradores, editores de moda y celebridades aplauden las colecciones de muchos de los diseñadores que estuvieron presentes para esta época del año, cómo es tradición en este blog, presentaré algunas de las pasarelas masculinas de esta semana de la moda las cuáles en mi opinión personal representan la moda masculina que tengo conceptualizada en mi mente.

Haider Ackermann Primavera/ Verano

2015  – Moda Masculina

semana de la moda paris hombres 2015

Haider Ackermann nos ha presentado de nuevo una colección llena de su propia personalidad, pocos cambios en su manera de confeccionar prendas y usando una gama de colores muy sobria los cuáles se prestan para ser prendas de uso d...

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type of guys you find on tinder

Summer brings the dating Apps like Tinder, Grindr and Scruff to the top, I guess it is because the temperature rises up and having a bunch of guys at a same place seems not be the best way to cool things down… As my personal life seems to be better than ever now that I’m single, I thought it would be time to write some realistic post about online dating for man, and I’m not talking about the Grindr, I had it before and all I can say is ( Thanks but no! but thanks but no…) Anyways, I am just here to talk about Tinder and the types of guys you can find on this App.


The idea of moi using Tinder came from deleting Grindr because of realising all the dissapointments it was causing to my life, meeting guys who had no perspective in life, gu...

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Shopping in Berlin

Guten Tag,

I have been living in this city for around 2 years and already learned pretty much all the places where hipsters and fashionistas want to buy their stuff. But you know what? I have never made a list of those places where people like you and me can buy here ( let’s say we are a sort of post-hipster who appreciates fashion…) Anyways, I have selected some hotspots here in Berlin that I am pretty sure you are going to love.

where to shop in berlin hipsters


Voo Store

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Top male Fashion Bloggers

top male bloggers in the male blogging world

Once upon a time the blogging world used to belong to girls, we didn’t have much of a chance to make in this world controlled by female bloggers wearing their Jeffrey Campbells and walking around on high heels that only 1% of the population is able to walk on. That’s the reason why I have decided to show my readers some of the top male bloggers that made it on blogging, some of this male bloggers are faces who are visible in the biggest runways around the world. These guys are located all around the world, they know no obstacles and are always travelling around the globe proving that guys can make it on this  blogging business...

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Who calls the shots in Fashion?

who calls the shots in Fashion

Who calls the shots in Fashion?

To answer this question, we have to start by asking ourselves something… When someone talks about Fashion what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

A. Skinny fashion model about to starve

B. Uptight female editor or PR agent

C. Female bloggers wearing everyday’s trend

D. Male Editors, male models and male fashion designers

Most of the answers I’ve got so far include the PR agent and the skinny model, but the truth is that many people are wrong about this, I was wrong about it many years ago, due to the fact of not having a education in Fashion or simply not reading enough to know who was calling the shots in the Fashion Industry.

Truth to be told, we are taking over the Fashion Industry since many years ago, just to call a few names like Yves Saint La...

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Is Fashion Art


drapedrecliningCourtesy of


Courtesy of

Is Fashion Art

Fashion is Art depending who is looking at it, some people say Fashion is just an Industry that depends on trends and finances, others call themselves artist without really having a clue of what they’re doing or even appreciating the previous work from ‘real’ artists who spend years trying to find themselves and the right technique that worked for them. There is also the opposite, designers who call themselves artists but have no respect or knowledge from their predecessors. In general I think is sometimes a question from Ego and how much you wish to be an artist, and have all the recognition to be one.

By asking this question several I have gotten several answers, my friends say Fashion is art when you talk about Couture, ...

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Types of fashion people

leadlead_kbjub i do not own this picture


Types of fashion people

There are several types of fashion people you will find everywhere, whether a party, a show or simply a performance. I have classified them all in little groups and circles, that will make things easier for all of us to understand what I’m talking about, the only hint I can give to you is that most of them don’t ever get away from their phones, barely seem to be connected with the real world and usually hang out with their little gangs, whose favourite game is fitting clichés, such as skinny prejudice people walking down the aisle of streetstyle photographers, most of them with the one and only purpose of being featured in some magazine.

A couple years ago I used to be one of them, always looking to be the trendy guy and pretty much selling my ...

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Do men wear makeup?

Juan-Betancourt-Tom-Ford-for-Men-Beauty-2 ii do not own this picture is only for showing porpuses

Do men wear makeup?

The question itself would have been ridiculous around 10 years ago, now many guys wear make up, I am not talking only about the cliché of homosexuals wearing make up, No! I am talking about regular guys, people who simply want to hide a pimple or make their eye bags look smaller. From the guy who is the Metrosexual until the very straight guy who just want to look his best on a date with his future girlfriend, they all want to look more appropiate and fit within the new ‘standards’ of beauty.

I remember my friends in Catholic school making fun of me just for saying to one of them that I use foundation to cover some pimples I had ( thank God they disappeared ), then realising some years after that they had pretty much done the same thing I did… Nowadays, I don’t wear a...

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Michele Lamy

Michele Lamy

A genius, a creative strong woman who I find to be an example of a warrior, never stopped for any reason. Went from being a corrupt Law-school graduate to do strip tease, from the light to the darkness, simply never let herself to go down and even so always found a way to keep moving. She’s an example to all of those ( including myself sometimes) who think fashion should be as boring as a catwalk. Fashion is life, arts, music, architecture and this woman found a way to show it through her designs, of course making team with the very creative Rick Owens.

This documentary I found on youtube about her life and herself, shows how this woman who seem to be a witch, lets herself to be in love with the perfection of artisans and hand work made out of innovation and old school tech...

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El mundo del blogging está muriendo


Courtesy of whenyouliveinberlin

El mundo del blogging de moda está muriendo lentamente, los bloggers más famosos siguen y siguen escalando, se han convertido en una máquina de publicidad, sus blogs ya no reflejan un punto de vista individual, al contrario se está enseñando a los ‘ lectores ‘ el último bolso de alguna línea exclusiva de diseñador, los ultimos zapatos que tan sólo un pequeño porcentaje de la población puede costear.

Mi opinión personal acerca de este tema es muy clara, nos hemos convertido en una plataforma de mercadeo, nuestras opiniones van dirigidas a aquellos a quiénes queremos satisfacer...

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Rick Owens x Adidas

rick owens x adidas


Good quality, luxurious leather and design are some of the qualities we can expect this mid-July.

I can actually wait to put my hands of them, right now it’s all about getting my new place to look really good but I definitely think this shoes would a great investment.

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Feeling like

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El siguiente paso

Muchas veces nos preguntamos cuál es el siguiente paso a seguir, muy pocas veces lo sabemos o simplemente ignoramos la respuesta que nos da la vida. En este caso sólo puedo decir que las cosas no han salido tan bien cómo las había planeado hace un par de meses. La vida nos enseña que nada puede ser 100% seguro, ganas, pierdes y sigues adelante, esas son las enseñanzas que se quedan en nuestra mente, sin embargo lo único que queda al final del camino es nuestra dignidad, la cuál damos por perdida por el sin número de malas experiencias que nos ocurren en el camino.

Sólo puedo decir que han sido días atareados y complicados, dias en los cuáles un abrazo materno hace la diferencia, dias en los que la sonrisa de aquellos que no has visto en meses cambiaría el panorama de la situación...

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the loser project

I’ve been working like crazy during the last few days, that pretty much explains the lack of posting I have in my blog.  The last few days I have been  learning so much about people and myself like never before, feel a little shocked about it but I guess this is the time of my life where the chances are there and I have to grab them and stop wasting my time on people who don’t give me anything back ( not talking about finances ).

Picture from a bag that belongs to theloserproject

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Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo?



 Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo?

Directed by William Klein, shows us the story of an American model who moves to Paris looking for fame and success. It pretty much reflects what the ‘ values ‘ this fashion world is pursuing. Fame, recognition are few of the examples I can give you.

There are not pretty many things I can say about this film, I simply liked it and found it to be very realistic in terms of showing many things we still see in Fashion nowadays, not to mention how beautiful this woman is and how it all turns around her beauty and the people who admire her on the outside but, do they really see anything else more than her beauty?

Seems like being pretty ‘ on the outside’ can get you pretty much anywhere you want...

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La Historia de Genji

Die geschichte vom prinzen genjiUtagawa Kunisada

the-girl-in-the-fabulous-furs - die geschichte vom prinzen genji





Veruschka por Richard Avedon para Vogue, Octubre 15, 1966.

La Historia de Genji

Así se denomina el último libro que estoy leyendo, se dice que fué la primer novela escrita en el Mundo. Escrita en el año 978 por Murasaki Shikibu, relata la historia de un noble Japonés y cómo su crianza afecta su modo de pensar en cada aspecto de su vida. Es una historia definitivamente envolvente donde los personajes van y vienen, no es estática, es interesante en todos sus aspectos.

Esta historia es tan interesante que llego a los ojos de la misma Diana Vreeland, quién en 1966 decidió hacer una sesión de fotos para Vogue inspirada en esta novela...

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Bleached attitude

IMGP7056 copy

bleached shirt diy

IMGP7089 copy

Poster - Strait-Jacket_02


Bleaching time

That’s how I actually feel right now, my old being just wants to get back and say ‘ Hey, be superficial as shit again!’, but the new one says’ No, be as humble and real/nice as you can’.  It is a simply life desition how we want to be, but it makes such a huge difference when you get to realize about the things that you could renew in your life …

Having all this ups and downs make me realize how things work in life, and although I have to learn a lot and it will take plenty of years until a I accomplish a certain level of acknowledge from things, I’m up for working on it and master what happens in my life. This post just wants to show the shirt itself, a shirt that can be worn however you want and bleached the way you want to.

I simply thought it would be good to wea...

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Untitled-1faldas para hombre

skirt for men

Ones of those days when you feel inspired.



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what are you made of?

Baravento socks and le fashionisto

baravento socks

david quilaguy for baravento

What are you made of?

Since most of the clothing produced in this world comes from either Bangladesh or China, I have decided to dedicate a post to a product produced in Europe. Socks are a very important part of our wardrobe, pick the right ones and your feet will be greatful, even at those days where our daily walks seem not to be ever ending.

Most of the people do not really know/care about good quality socks. Well… let me tell you, all these toxic chemicals used to dye them and treat them won’t really do anything good to your skin. I would like to start telling all my readers the story of socks, most of us do not know it, and it can be interesting.

”Socks have evolved over the centuries from the earliest models, which were made from animal skins gathered up and tied around the ankle...

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Minimal but histerical

David quilaguy and theloserproject


male bloggers germany

Got my new haircut, got all pimped, I am ready for this Summer!

Shirt- The Loser project

Shorts- Tailored in Colombia

Pictures taken by Xenia Kuhn


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Photographer / Rafael Poschmann ( Make-up / Anne Wenzel ( Stylist / David Quilagüy ( Model / Modelka: Genevieve Howard-Troll Other / Editing: Monika Kołodziej /artmo


Glad to be part of this project.

Full editorial here

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Andorra for Monday

Frisch in Fashion

Oh Frisch!

Just like one of the most inspiring woman in Fashion said,  “Where would fashion be without literature?”

As you all now, I have to keep on learning German. The best way to do it is simply by reading, writing and talking to locals. I managed to start changing the content of this blog by keeping myself focused on Fashion but writing the way I want to and saying it how I want to say it. No more mainstrean crap for my dear readers, no more Gucci fantastic life for them. This is turning itself into a inspiration portal, where people who love Fashion can get not only information about Fashion but Literature, Art, Films ( Things which are part of the real ” thing” )

Telling the stories my own way and making them prettier is how I want to be now, not giving a penny about anything ...

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wannabe – gottabe – wontbe – youwishyoube





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Feast for the eyes


The rage in my heart is transforming itself in a weapon to construct and build a new life. I have decided  not let myself to be taken down by all these little things that have been happening during the last few days. More culture, more art, more handwork are the things we all need. Let me recommend this lovely and funny film to you, the name is Weekend and it was directed by Jen-Luc Godard. It basically shows us how the French bourgeois society starts to collapse under the weight of its own consumer preoccupations.  Special thanks to the person who gave me this film to watch.


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blood red from layouts parks i do not own this picture


Not rage against the person, but the situation. This is a wake up call for me, these last days have been full of experiences that in someway have changed the way I see Fashion. This blog’s point of view will change, more of the substantial things in life will be shown.

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 Picture by Damien Blottière

This was THE week. I learnt so many things during this last 7 days, cannot be more greatful for all the things I’ve lived. I slept around 15 hours yesterday and cannot be any happier to do what I do. I promise more blogging for this week.



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Zebra katz – Ima Read from Mad Decent on Vimeo.

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David Quilaguy und lefashionisto

casual coat for men

brachman coat for men

animal print sneakers


I have decided to stop taking less than the things I deserve.


Coat: Brachman

Bow tie: Xenia Kuhn Atelier

Shirt: Brachman

Pants: TwoAngle

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We made it into COUCH






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FIESTA, FIESTA, FIESTA! I’m finally done with this book. The more I read it, the more I wanted to finish it. Some of you might be wondering why I’m talking about books. The answer is pretty easy!

The Fashion world I live in is full of ignorant/superficial/full of themselves kinda like people. It is so annoying that I have to say it out loud. NOT all of us are like that, and that still keeps me positive about making part of this world.

Have a lovely week full of good stuff!

BOW TIE: David Quilaguy

Estamos en medio de esta semana y hasta el momento todo va muy bien. Ha sido una semana muy tranquila en la cuál he trabajado en varios de mis proyectos y he visitado algunos de mis amigos que no veía desde hace mucho tiempo.

En esta semana parece que he tenido la misma co...

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Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-12 um 19.01.35

Portrait picture of Xenia Kuhn featured on the Couch magazine

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 It’s been almost a year since I have this idea of going to Tokyo. Sounds crazy that someone who’s got no clue about a culture simply wants to go there and start from scratch. Tokyo will be my next destination, at least that’s what I think. In the mean time I will enjoy and learn as much as I can in lovely Berlin.

Have a good monday!

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David Quilaguy accesories



Well known as ‘Daisies’ for the English speakers.

Summer seems to be around the corner. I basically need/must have new clothing for this summer, at least a couple new pieces.

Since I was a child, I’ve struggled finding the right shirts for me. Some of them are either too colorful, kitsch or simply make me look like a 60 years old powerful guy who’s looking for a call boy (Definitely not my thing).

Destiny seems to be smiling at me during the last few weeks, why ?

Pretty easy: I got this mail from Paul v. Alpen *1886,  asking me if I would like to be part of a project. At the beginning I always hesitate about collaborations,  most of them have to do with items that I wouldn’t wear...

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It’s finally weekend!

I feel like going out with friends, visiting my family, having dinner with some special. Oh Saturdays! Why are you so amazing!

Not really a fan of Picasso but this ‘ Jackeline with flowers’ is one of the pieces I love the most. Underneath: bag from the Spanish designer David Delfin.

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It’s friday. I’m alone and have pretty much lots of things that have to be done ASAP.

Enjoy this weekend Fashionistos!

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Since I was child ( NOT A LONG TIME AGO ) I used to play to mix politician pictures with clothing pictures I found on Vogue. My parents used to think that was quite weird, usually it is. A couple days ago after seeing a picture of the ” Mona Lisa” all swagged, I though : I can do better than that!

It was easy to turn ”La Famille Bellelli” into a bunch of 21st century fashionistas. Wang, Marras, Saab and seem to be the one’s to compose this illustration.



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Dear Acne designers,

could you be so kind and stop making such amazing clothes that will empty our bank accounts!

I found myself looking for some clothing ( summer clothing ). Opened my laptop, typed ACNE.COM and I found this gems. Excellent pieces of clothing, perfectly manufactured. They  combine the best materials to offer protection and comfort. I guess I better start saving money A.S.A.P if I want to get myself some of these for Summer!



Esta marca Sueca no deja de sorprenderme con sus diseños y calidad a la hora de producir ropa.

Aunque la tienda que está localizada en Berlín no sea la mejor ( NO LO ES ). Pienso que esta marca es una de esas pocas que tiene ese ” Je ne sais quoi” . Minimalismo a flor de piel que refleja la firma y el estilo Escandinavo...

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Falling in love with an operating system?

It seems more possible than ever. Last night I had the chance to go with a friend of mine and watch this movie. I have to admit crying a bit about it, somehow  it’s very sad when we think we found something that will last forever but it doesn’t. This type of movies just make me realize how inevitable it is for us to fall in love with our cellphones.

We twitt, instagram and facebook everything that happens, sad but true. We are in touch with our cellphones even more than with our friends. Not becoming addicted to my phone turns out to be harder everyday, doesn’t it?

Let me show you something really good I found about this film.


The garments!

I did really like this futuristic but optimistic look some of the characters were pulling off...

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DAVID quilaguy

                                                                                           ELECTRIC BLUE

It has been a very interesting week. I have lived new things during the previous days. New people have come across my life, people who I think will represent positive changes in many aspects of it. Although I’ve been pretty busy during this week, have made sometime to meet friends and get things arranged on time.

I won’t really talk about this outfit, since you all now I am not the GUCCI fabulous guy-like. I will just say this look is minimalistic, attracts the people to watch the jacket due to it’s wonderful print.

Enjoy your week!


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Someone who means a lot to me just celebrated her birthday. I was not sure what to give her, since it’s always quite hard for me to know what people love or want to have. I simply decided to buy this exclusive Gucci silk and painted some flowers on it. Does it look like a great gift?


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Too much of a closet?


Am I the only person who’s closet is about to explode? A couple months ago I decided to stop shopping as a maniac, somehow I realized that my closet was getting full of pieces I wasn’t even going to wear. Why did I have the impulse of buying things I didn’t need?

Not following trends or anything,  it was simply a feeling of getting a new piece of clothing the one that pushed me to buy a certain item, whether shoes, jackets, blazers or bags. Massive advertisement load our heads with trash we don’t need and push us somehow to feed this massive/destructive Capitalism almost all of us serve.

Is there anything we can do to stop it ?

We don’t have to stop it, if someone feels comfortable acting that way, they should be able to do it...

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One day attitude


It’s been a long weekend, so much to do! I pretty much took some time to hang out with friends of mine I had not seen in a long time. Since I haven’t been feeling the best on these last days, I decided to ask my friends for advice on some topics like time management and how to make the best out of this time I’m spending in Berlin. It is very helpful when you realize that maybe you are not wasting your  time. My friends have been through the same stage of life where you don’t really think what you’re doing is taking you anywhere. Positive thoughts lead to good things, but let me remind you all, doing is pretty much 90% of making things happen.

hipster outfit


Empieza una nueva semana, nuevos proyectos por llevar a cabo! – Este fin de semana ha sido muy bueno, tuve la oportunidad de reunirme con un pa...

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Night out in Berlin


Desde hace un par de semanas no escribo un post en Español, creo que hoy es uno de esos días en los que extraño hablar mi idioma materno, es uno de esos dias en los que quisiera tener a mi familia cerca, abrazar a mis mejores amigos y de alguna u otra manera sentirme cómo en casa. Esta aventura  la cuál llamamos vida, empezó para mí alrededor de 2 años atrás cuando decidí abandonar todo lo que conocía e irme a uno de los países más raros de mundo.

Nunca sabré si fué la mejor decisión que pude tomar, simplemente me siento agradecido de haber podido aprender tanto, de haber tenido que pasar por pruebas las cuáles jamás pensaría poder superar. Aunque amo esta ciudad, muchas veces me siento fuera de lugar...

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How to make your trousers look skinnier

como entubar jeans

How to make your trousers look skinnier ?

I think we all have had the same problem, getting amazing trousers but realising they are not as skinny as we’d like them to be.

That’s there why I’d like to show you how to make your trousers look skinnier.

All you need is, trousers, chalk, scissors, sewing machine, pins and of course a measuring band.


Cómo hacer lucir tus pantalones más delgados

Creo que todas las personas hemos pasado por el mismo problema, comprar pantalones que se ven muy bien, pero desafortunadamente no tienen la ” bota ” de la manera que nos gusta.

Por este motivo, me gustaría mostrarles paso a paso cómo cambiar la manera en la que sus pantalones se ven.

Los materiales son muy básicos : Pantalones, tiza, tijeras, maquina de coser, alfileres y una cinta de medición.

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Le Fashionisto

David Quilaguy


Male posing photography

Asos coat


It’s been quite a long time since I posted, a new job opportunity just came out and I feel like things are finally starting to get better. For example, that lovely yellow scarve that I’m using,  was a gift from Alex.

It was simpy good to use this on Spring, it offers you comfortability and keeps you warm enough to wear trench coats.

Like I said, things are getting better for me and hope they keep up this way!


Han pasado un par de días desde que publiqué algo en mi página, el motivo de la ausencia es muy simple. He conseguido un nuevo trabajo cómo Galerista, así que el tiempo para dedicarle a mi blog se vió un poco reducido.

Las cosas en general han ido mejorando al pasar de los dias y me siento cada vez mejor, he empezado a recibir obsequios por parte de personas que ...

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Controversial Ad Campaign American Appearel

controversial american appearel

American Apparel, continuously keeps surprising us all with Ad campaigns that seem to be taken out of a Mega Ad creator Machine. Most of them are so shocking, whether it’s oversexualized, amazingly creative or simply cool, seems like this type of advertisement has been working for the label since 1995. People cannot avoid the fact that this is really an-eyecatcher of advertisement ads.

Here’s the official text for this campaign

She is a merchandiser who has been with American Apparel since 2010. Born in Dhaka, the capitol of Bangladesh, Maks vividly remembers attending mosque as a child alongside her conservative Muslim parents. At age four, her family made a life-changing move to Marina Del Rey, California...

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Spring Outfit

David Quilaguy Le Fashionisto

Le Fashionisto male fashion blog


david quilaguy

Spring outfit

Blazer: Asos

Pants : Zara

Pictures taken by XENIA KUHN



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Spring for men


ZARA S/S 2014


ZARA S/S 2014


KENZO  S/S 2014




Phillip Lim  S/S 2014

These are some of the hottest looks I’ve found for us. As you can see,  there are many options out there to not look like the typical – guy – with -short we all don’t like. I am not a fan of Gladiator Sandalds but I’ve seen pretty much cool looks, I could  give them a chance this coming Summer.!


Acá están algunos de looks de esta temporada que me han gustado mucho, las opciones van desde precios muy basicos hasta los elevados precios de ropa de diseñador. Creo que las opciones que tenemos esta año son variadas y sin duda algunos nos hemos visto identificados con los lookbooks que han sacado algunos de nuestros diseñadores favoritos!

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Best dressed Oscars 2014


Yes, Jared Leto. Why? Amazing suit combination, not usual for the Oscar’s and more edgy than most of the outfits we had the chance to see on the red carpet.

Pharrell Williams (L) and Helen Lasichanh arrive on the red carpet for the 86th Academy Awards on March 2nd, 2014 in Hollywood, California. AFP PHOTO / Robyn BECK        (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

One does not simply go to the Oscar’s in shorts! Actually this doesn’t apply to the talented Pharrel Williams, he can pull 100 outfits and look really good. You’ve been forgiven, this is not a fashion crime.

best dressed oscars 2014 1

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Looking like a good boy helps, besides a good/classic suit always make us look good ( as long as its properly tailored for our bodies)

best dressed oscars 2014 acting

Ryan Seacrest

Looking very sharp in his Burberry suit and shinny shoes! Good outfit, I would have personally added some colour to it, but Jared Leto got that covered ….



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Jeonga Choi for LeFashionisto

jeonga choi pour le fashionisto

Jeonga Choi for LeFashionisto

It’s been a long time since I made an interview! Gotta get back to it ASAP!

For that reason I have decided to feature this talented designer who I met back in 2013 during the Urban Spree, she had all these amazing hats on her stand, they all ( the hats ) kept telling me ” Take my home with you ” – Seriously, no need to exagerate at all. Such a talent and quality are hard to find, at least not at very reasonable prices.

Here’s some of the things Jeonga has to share

Where are you from ?

I was born in Seoul but I moved to Australia  when I was 21 years old.

Why did you decide to focus your main product towards head accesories?

I always liked to work creatively and to create something with my hands. I liked sawing and started to make my own beenies just for fun...

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Inspiration Board

board inspiration designer

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Sporty Chic

lefashionisto fashionmaleblog





Let the  sporty chic Spring begin!

Scarve: Kenzo

Shirt: Hugo Boss

Bag: DIY

Jogging pants : H&M

Pictures taken by XENIA KUHN

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In for the guys


Xiaomeng Yang Fall / Winter 2014

This one is for all of us, guys who love fashion and would like to see a bit of what’s going out there. As you know, I am a big fan of colours and honestly, London FW brought some spicy to the runway. This are some of the outfits that caught my eye instantly.


Posts cómo este van dedicados a aquellos que así no compren mucha ropa,  les gusta saber que está pasando afuera en el mundo de la moda. Me considero un fan de las nuevas tendencias o al menos de los diseñadores que intentan innovar en sus diseños, ya sea en cuestión de materiales, colores o texturas. Algunos de las mejoras ideas las he visto en la semana de la moda de Londres.

fashion for guys

David Delfin F/W 2014


Wen Tan F/W 2014


Opening Ceremony F/W 2014

Let’s be honest! Most people don’t have the mon...

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El hombre Contemporáneo

El Hombre contemporaneo

Picture courtesy of FUCKINGYOUNG

El Hombre Contemporáneo

Así cómo Lipovetsky  considera la imagen como el artífice máximo de la civilización superior que ha tenido lugar en la historia, en mi opinión personal  no hay otra manera de describir al hombre contemporáneo. La moda es considerada cómo una categoría de la existencia individual y colectiva, que en la misma medida en que se ha hecho total ha venido a ser universal, esto sin duda ha sido lo que he visto en la comunidad masculina durante los últimos años.

La moda se ha convertido en parte de nuestras vidas, influye y cambia nuestra manera de analizar a quiénes nos rodean, el modo en el que nos comportamos y la manera en la que nos sentimos basados en el nivel de satisfacción personal que genera el verse ” bien” – Este ti...

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  • 1/2 yard of fabric for exterior — A thick fabric is recommended. Wool plaid works great; you could also consider using a vintage wool blanket or even a wool men’s shirt.
  • 1/2 yard of fabric for lining — A thick, cushy fabric such as wool felt, fleece or other soft material.
  • zipper, about 4–6″ longer than the width of your device
  • sewing machine with zipper foot
  • sharp scissors
  • Ruler


  • Aproximadamente 50 cms de tela para exterior, les recomendaría una tela gruesa.
  • Aproximadamente 50 cms de tela para relleno.
  • Una cremallera aproximadamente 10 o 12 cms mas larga que tu computadora
  • Máquina de coser con pie de Cremallera
  • Tijeras
  • Regla


Place the zipper right-side down on the right side of one ...

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The Male Skirt

Male skirt le Fashionisto

David Quilaguy diy skirt



The Male Skirt

Winter, Winter. When will you finally go away? – I don’t really care about it anymore, as the days go by I learn that people can also survive without the sunshine. It changes your mood but somehow you learn how to deal with it, while walking through the street of Berlin I realize the amount of people starring at me just because I wear a skirt, is this awkward? . People are simply not ready to see something different, especially not in this city, where half the population is underdressed and not precisely because money issues. It certainly not my duty to criticize somebody else’s outfit but at least I don’t expect to be criticized if I wear something unsual! People, people – When will they stop being so boring?


Faldas de Faldas

Berlín, te has declarado una ciudad avanz...

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Old style Fashion



David Quilaguy

Old Style Fashion

It is time that Gentleman start bringing back the old style of wearing clothes, even though the perfect standard for men is nowadays the Zara type ” Skinny and tall”, there is a different way to mix all that and make you look quite different. I do believe we can make the difference, in such a world, where every five minutes trends are changing someone who can make a difference is needed.

I am not talking about the ” streetstylers”, also known as fakers, people who actually get dressed in a particular way only the be captured by photographers. There only a 10% of personal style in it, the rest is just a disguise of ” I want to be a 5 minutes star”.

Be original and fuck all the trends out there, or if you are going to follow them, put some of your style in every outfit y...

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Inspiration Board Male Fashion


This pictures do not belong to me

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Street Style Gangster


Captura de pantalla 2014-01-27 a las 20.34.06

Captura de pantalla 2014-01-27 a las 20.34.16

Captura de pantalla 2014-01-27 a las 20.34.23



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CAPSULE A/W 2014 Berlin


CAPSULE A/W 2014 Berlin

“The perfect lifestyle experience” — that’s how I would describe the Capsule event held in Berlin during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week from the 14th – 15th of January at the Postbahnhof.

I was invited to cover the event, and what better way to arrive than via an “Über”-Berlin chauffer. The driver picked me up at my home and graciously opened the door for me just minutes after entering my trip details and preferences via the App. It was then that I realized that today was going to be even more special than usual ( : D )




But enough about me, let’s focus on what really matters here: CAPSULE!

Capsule is a fashion and lifestyle trade event that combines high-end, progressive brands and independent designers, presenting a curated assemblage of collec...

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Le good boy







 Le Good boy

Fashion week is over! I don’t really know how to feel, after having rough months I felt really good by having the pressure to assist to Fashion Shows and pushing myself to do it actually felt good, this week already started with tons of work, meaning: I AM HAPPY!!

Have a lovely week and don’t forget to be stylish in your very own way


La semana de la moda ha finalizado, de hecho ha sido la mejor semana de la moda que he vivido en estos años. Fué interesante, el hecho de que haber visto a mucho B-LISTERS no fué muy agradable pero tengo que lidiar con el hecho de que este mundo de la moda esta lleno de gente que no vale la pena y otros que en realidad son muy interesantes...

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Inspiration 2014


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I had the chance to see a couple shows during this Fashion week, some of them were executed in a way that leads me to believe that  Fashion is dying and all what’s left is ”FAST – FASHION” – However, by knowing already the label ( Brachmann), I knew exactly what I was going to find, it was something I’d like to call a Fashion orgasm. That’s the term I use for collections and items of the Industry that really catch your eye and you know that you need to have them. They are just not simple pieces you just buy and use a couple times, they become and stay as that single one piece you just want to use a couple times and only for special occasions.

Brachman presented during this Fashion week what I’d like to call the ” Perfect Gentleman” – Simple,  elegant but never overd...

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Brachman Gentleman








I decided to be a Brachman Gentleman for the day and so do you! I just love those times where I can make myself step out  from all the massive hipster consumption and population in Berlin, this is one my ways to stop becoming a mainstreamer.

Vest: Brachman

Shirt and Tie : Brachman

Trousers: Asos

Pictures taken by Xenia Kuhn



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Barre Noire AW 2014


Timm Süßbrich  has shown to the visitors of this Fashion week what ” Lässigkeit ” means. The doors of the show were opened at 2 pm and you could already tell how excited the public was, although I am not a fan of minimalistic clothes as I think they are missing some spirit and the drapping/patterning I usually prefer, I have to say I liked this collection in a certain way. The fabrics used for this Collection were really comfortable, the cut minimalistic but well combined made from this collection an eye-catcher, most of the best outfits were designed for women as in my opinion the ones for men were not really that interesting. I would totally recommend this collection and this particular designer for someone who wants to go for minimalistic the  look.






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Esmod Vernissage from ” BIOMIMETICS “


BIOMIMETIC”  Vernissage

It was a fantastic night full of creativity, properly/creatively dressed people. The event that took place at the Gemaelde Galerie in Berlin was a cooperation between ESMOD BERLIN and the well known SHENKAR COLLEGE in Tel Aviv and also the Goethe Institut, this time some of the samples from designs made by students of the Shenkar College and Esmod were shown here in Berlin, I have to say I was amazed by the concept they have developed and how just a simple idea can become a garment. It was also very nice to see how all the students and people were excited to hear the speech  from Silvia Kadolsky ( director of ESMOD Berlin ) and Rachel Berman ( Senior Lecturer and Local & International Activities Manager, Shenkar College ) gave.

Biomimetics is somethings tha...

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Going back to Russia



David Quilaguy



Going back to Russia

It was funny how I have almost never used this coat, although it looks good it reminds me somehow to Vladimir Lenin. Not a number one fan of him but I am not here to discuss any political view.

I usually use this coat only for very special occasions ( Opera, Vernissage, etc…) – Tomorrow is the beginning of the Fashion week, to become a bit more selective was my goal for this FW and it seems like I made it, I will only assist to a couple events and will avoid wasting my time like I did during the past.

Let the CATWALK begin!

Pictures taken by Xenia Kuhn

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Berlin Fashion Week 2014


Berlin Fashion week 2014

Another Fashion week?

- Yes, get ready to see a bunch of people getting dressed like they’re going to the Circus/freak convention, I used to feel more excited about fashion weeks before. It somehow turned into something routinary, maybe it does have something to do with this city where everyone likes to call themselves artists, designers, fashion lovers. I love this city as I never loved any Metropoli, I feel  I can perfectly fit in here but sometimes I ask myself if there is anything else to do here.

As I’ve talked to some of my friends who are artists or designers, we all got a conclusion...

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David Quilaguy at Le Fashionisto





New Year means new things I have to accomplish! I am ready to start cleaning my life and focus on  things that really matter.

For example focusing more on my career and close people ( Family and friends ) instead of waisting energy on people who do not really worth it, they just drag my Fashion potential out haha. I have to be finally accepted on Fashion school and  visit my family in Colombia.

Tons of love my dear readers.

Pictures taken by Xenia Kuhn

Pants: Zara

Bag: DIY LeFashionisto

Gloves: Xenia Kuhn

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LeFashionisto wishes you a Happy New Year!


Where to start ?

I think the best would be to say THANK YOU for all the good and bad things that happened during this year, for all the good and bad people we had to meet during this 2013, for those things you never thought you could accomplish but still you tried and started to live your life.

This year was caotic but I enjoyed every single day of it, traveled, met new people, decided to leave people out of my life.

Moving more into a professional atmosphere I would like to thank you all for visiting and reading this blog. In this short time I have accomplished a lot! Collaborations with two companies, press status for a Fashion consulting company in Mexico and one of the pictures I took, appeared on the Coach Magazine.

It was simply a good year and the next one will be even better!


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Jil Sander upcycled coat



I got this coat from a very good Vintage retailer, quality is something you can expect from a Jil Sander. However, the coat itself looked quite boring, too minimalistic. I was not planning on modifying the tailoring but at least give the coat a younger interpretation.

This is what you need to make this coat look better:

Coat, thread and needle, scissors, buttons.


Cut the needle that keep the old buttons sewn to the coat.


Clean the excess of thread


Sew the new buttons to the coat, make sure they properly fixed to the coat


Now the coat should look more like this, only by changing the buttons the coat already looks quite different and not like taken from a time machine of the 60´s


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Fashion Nerd


Fashion nerd David Quilaguy for LeFashionisto

David Quilaguy for LeFashionisto

David Quilaguy Fashion nerd

LeFashionisto Fashion nerd Editorial


Christmas is around the corner, I’m still wondering what I will get on the 24th. The most important thing is that I will be spending time with friends and family ( my second family ) – This is my second time celebrating Christmas without my parents, it feels somehow weird but it’s just the way it is.

Pictures taken by the talented Rae Tashman

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Black and White

Sometimes I feel like running out of inspiration, living in a city where few of us struggle to be well dressed while no one gives a damn about it, makes things quite hard. However, there are thousands of inpirational pictures out there that make me feel I can keep on doing this.

Have a lovely day Fashionistos and Fashionistas

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Ready for Winter







Ready for Winter!

Long cold days have just arrived, it seems this Winter I won’t have to spend it alone, besides having company I just got this new coat that keeps me pretty much protected against this cold Weather.


Listo para el Invierno!

El invierno ya esta acá, este abrigo lo adquirí la semana pasada y creo que es una de esas prendas que usaré por mucho tiempo.

LeFashionisto wears

Foulard: DIY

Coat: Jil Sander

Shoes: Marc’O polo

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H&M may rise prices

h&m may rise prices

The time has arrived, H&M may rise its prices!

Thank God of Fashion for the good reasons.

H&M head of Sustainability, told AFP prices might rise in a long term. This might not represent a threat to one of the biggest Fashion retailers of our days. After all the news coming from Bangladesh, Infraestructure problems  and the very low wages a worker earns ( $70-50 euros) a month, it was time that at least one of the Monsters of Fashion said something.

After watching some documentaries about the textiles that cannot be recycled, I realized there is a huge labour to be done. We shall buy more quality products that last longer than just a couple months...

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Zarahlena talks to LeFashionisto

LadyTrauma lay1 RED marca

© Zarahlena Von Berlin


It was a Winter night and while freezing my ass off outside I decided to get myself into any place where people seemed to be happy and willing to give some human warmth. A party! yes, that´s where I came in, beats of Electronic Music and what seemed to be a Famous DJ kept the party moving. I saw a girl, more like someone like I had seen before but she spoke my language, I mean Spanish. After talking for five minutes I realized this girl was not just another party monster, she was a talented Photographer who had something to say to the world.

Her name is Zarahlena, Photographer by heart. Talented and incredibly amazing human being with Mexican/German blood in her veins.

1 RED marca-

© Zarahlena Von Berlin

By looking at your pi...

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As the whole Tartan trend came back a couple weeks ago, my body and my fashion sense got sick. All over the Blogosphere were scarves, coats, trousers to be seen. It became so viral that I got quite over the whole thing, I just hate when something like that happens, as I’m conscious that bloggers shall report and inform about the trends some of them can actually be original and make something different.

That is basically the reason why I have decided to create my very own trend, one that looks better than Tartan and all the others ( at least I like to make myself believe it looks better ) – It is basically the trend of wearing artsy items and looking better than everyone else.

Anyways, I have made this Foulard out of really accesible materials and the cost for such a piece will...

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Winter Outfits

Sin nombre

Pictures from TommyTon


Winter Outfits

It feels like Winter has finally arrived, minus temperatures are part of my everyday. I’ve sadly seen how people already started to change their behaviour, a smile seems to be missing everywhere, being nice is something only a few keep during this cold season. I have also seen how people already embraced the black in their lifes, no more colours are to be seen. It seems like life has been taken away from us, as I was walking through a famous street in Berlin ( Friedrichstrasse ) all I saw was people wearing black coats, scarves, trousers. More than 10 stores had only black as it’s main colour for this Season.

There are more things to wear out there, people don’t even need to have lots of money to change a little bit the way they dress...

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What a week! Now since I have  quitted my job seems like I will have more time for blogging and developing some of my projects and things I’ve left behind. For example more DIY’S, art and French.

I went to a crafting event at where people could actually show what they can create with their hands, I decided to create a statement sweater, the main character at this time will be Angela Merkel.

Let’s see how this DIY SWEATER turns out to be


Ahora que he renunciado a mi trabajo parece que tendré mucho más tiempo libre para desarrolar esos proyectos que he dejado de lado por no tener  tiempo. Pintar, aprender Francés y por supuesto trabajar en mi blog.

En la noche de ayer hubo en evento en cuál las personas podían mostrar lo que se puede crear con las propias manos, en esta oc...

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Fashion BOW TIE



It seems like I’m getting obsessesed with bow ties ! Originated during the Prussian wars on the 17th century the bow tie has been part of Fashion history and has survived multiple wars and mutated itself to be an item worn only by few people.

It might also suggest the Iconoclasm of an Old World, the desire of looking like the above and mostly the attitude of not really carying what people say accompanies the bow tie. As a future fashion Designer one must start somehow to sell its products and let the world know what I am made for.

My idea would be creating customized bow ties, made out of Italian leather, some fabrics from London might be used as well.

Is it a great idea?

grumpy cat


Estoy obsesionado con los corbatines! La corbata de lazo nació entre mercenarios croatas durante las guerras pr...

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Couch Magazine

DIY college jacket designed by Xenia Kuhn pictures taken by David

The issue 12/13-1/14 of the German lifestyle magazine COUCH with  Xenia’s DIY jacket ( Picture taken by LeFashionisto)



This is the first time one of my pictures is posted on a Magazine and what can be better than starting with a famous German  Magazine !


Es la primera vez que una de las fotos que he tomado es publicada en una revista de moda, y que mejor que manera de empezar que con la famosa publicación de moda Alemana Couch!




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Bags have accompanied the human race for  thousands of years but it was until the 15th Century when they became a statement in society and started to represent status in most European countries. Today I’ll show you how to create your very own bag, it’s not so hard as you all might think. You just need some inspiration a couple tools and the passion to do it.

Let’s have a look


Las maletas han acompañado a la humanidad desde hace siglos, sin embargo empezaron a formar parte importante de la sociedad en el siglo XV, principalmente en Europa al representar status. Hoy les mostraré cómo crear un bolso único en pocos pasos y gastando muy poco dinero.


You will need a novelty container, a piece of leather, ruler, scissors, a pen, screwdriver, screws, a soldering iro...

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Endless Sunshine



lefashionisto    DavidQuilaguy


The last days of nice weather are just gone, Winter is just around the corner. Shorter days and the feeling of cuddling and staying in bed will be my everyday, I guess I’m ready for that.


Los últimos dias de buen tiempo ya se han ido, la llegada de Invierno es inminente. Los dias se acortan y la sensación de quedarse en la cama todo el día estarán presentes durantes esta temporada, mejor me voy acostumbrando!

Le Fashionisto wears


English hat

Sweater : Goettermilch

Bag : Sakolowski

Pictures taken by Xenia Kuhn

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Fashion Winter Shoes



Hi Fashionistos/as

Fashion Winter shoes are a must if you live in a Country where Winter lasts more than 5 months! I’ve  picked some of my favourite for this season, most probably I’ll  choose the Creepers, they offer me an amazing look, a good price and most important ( not really ), they will protect me from this cold temperatures.

This Winter will be completely different, once again I don’t have my family with me but a bunch of friends and special people that I’ve recently met whose presence make my life full of joy and happiness.

It’s a bit weird  thinking that I want to get as many shoes as possible for this Winter and knowing that where I come from (Colombia) someone would be greatfull to get at least a pair of shoes...

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Fashionisto Interview



Interview LeFashionistoInterviewithLeFashionisto INTERVIEW LE FASHIONISTO  LeFashionisto


Read here the full Interview

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The Fashion Pope

The Fashion pope


Finally outfit pictures again! this pictures were taken right after I had my bike accident. I cannot really understand why I agreed to take them although I had such an accident,  the things one does for Fashion!

The Fashion Pope

_DSC2531bw Kopie


Por fin nuevas fotos! Aunque estas no son nuevas tengo que decir que las circustancias en las que fueron tomadas no fueron las más optimas. Antes de haber tenido este shooting me caì de mi bicicleta y cómo resultado duré un par de minutos inconsciente, la verdad no me importo mucho y terminamos tomando las fotos! Las cosas que se hacen por la moda.



 Endlich mal Outfit-Bilder. Diese wurden sofort nach meinem Fahrradunfall vor zwei Wochen aufgenommen. Eigentlich habe ich mich noch unwohl gefühlt aber ich wollte die Bilder für meinen Blog haben...

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How to get accepted into fashion school



How to get accepted into Fashion school?

I’ve asked myself the same thing over and over, seems like  there is a certain criteria while checking one’s folio and work that make them think you fit within a profile or their criteria.

I think the hardest assignment is to get accepted in the school you love the most, just to leave it clear this is not one of those ‘ I HATE JUDGES’ posts, is just a post where  show you some samples of my work throughout this years, these are mostly collages and drawings that I have decided to start digitalizing.

I hope you all like it




Ha sido una semana muy calmada acá en Berlín, todos dicen ‘ Después de la tormenta viene la calma’ y creo que así sido durante las últimos dias...

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Fashion Hero


SUPERHERO-  We all had our very own heroes, in my case things were always quite different.  I was a child whose biggest fear was having his Fashion magazines destroyed and his clothes not fitting anymore because of growing up. I was obviously a healthy/social child but Superman, Batman and Green Lantern didn’t really ever looked like my model of heroes at least not when it comes to Fashion.

When the whole Blogging world started around 8 or 9 years ago I felt Impressed of

A. Having a sufficiently good Internet connection to check on websites

B. The ability of bloggers to put outfits together

C. The power and growing factor all this blogs had

At some point I realised only few of them were true to their mission and were really fashion lovers and thought like ones.

Even though I have never ...

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Fashion Interview


- Fashion Interview -


This week has been pretty much running everywhere around in Berlin (Mitte, Kreuzberg, F-Hain) – I didn’t really even had time to organize a shooting for this week, this pictures where taken in a short 15 minutes pause we had while heading to the Headquarters office from HOW.DO where I had the chance to meet the whole team and also to Interview them and get to know what the actually do here in Berlin. is an app for Iphones where you can basically learn to create things step by step, just like a bow tie or whatever you can imagine. We had so much fun on that day, although the team was a bit shy at the beginning we found the way to make them speak and show their work to the camera.

This is going to be our first video fashion interview, it sounds so freaking am...

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Fashion Business



Fashion business 

sounds quite interesting, doesn’t it ? Anyways, I’ve been feeling better since last week and decided to shoot again a couple pictures, and why not wearing my really cool DIY bow tie for the shooting. Things seem to get better in my life, the amount of readers I’ve received is incresing. THANK YOU is all I can say to my dear readers.

Fashion business is my way to show the fact that I don’t love how people usually get dressed to go to their offices, I used to work for a very formal office when I studied Economics, I know what it is like having to wear a suit from Monday ’til Friday – BORING – but my little Fashionisto and Fashionista, there is always a way to escape of the routine and make yourself look amazing.

Small accesories could change the way you look and mi...

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diy bow tie



How many times do we actually see a guy wearing a bow tie?

Answer : Once every year, that is definitely a shame, we look so cute and classy once we’re wearing a bow tie, it makes us look like gentleman ready to take our couple to a ball or a very elegant party. In fact it might also be used and combined with daily outfits and give a touch of elegance without making you look overdressed.

This DIY is for those boys who want to look elegant and for those girlfriends or boyfriends who want to have a very stylish person right next to them, it is really easy to do and will take around half an hour.

Some research from Wikipedia

The bow tie originated among Croatian mercenaries  during the Prussian wars of the 17th century: the Croat mercenaries used a scarf around the neck to hold...

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Fashion Birthday

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Trench coats, how not to like them. They might be your salvation from the cold Winter. The fact that they are not puffy makes from them my very first choice when it comes to get warm in this cold Weather, just like every single day I decided to use my bike to go to work – Surprise – 4 degrees out there. Seriously? Little Fashionisto you have to accept the fact that temperatures are basically dropping down and in just a matter of months we’ll reach the zero degrees. But who cares, as long as I have my Jackets and some Chocolates with me I’ll survive. This week has been basically hard, I have been thinking I’m only giving steps back, I just have to be patient and stay strong until it all goes away.

Btw – My very first DIY will be published on Sunday

Have a great day







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Upcycled leather jacket



Upcycled Leather Jacket? That is definitely possible! I’ll show you how to do it. The only thing you might need is a Jacket that you’re not using anymore, the sleeves could be ugly/damaged, 2 hours, scissors, sewing machine and the most important is – ATTITUDE- that’ll make it even easier.

I’ll show you  the process with pictures, it is definitely easier to understand and doable. I decided to do this because I did love that Jacket until it started to get damaged, throwing it away was an option but the satisfaction of making my very own clothes pushed me to upcycle it.

It doesn’t take that long to have this Military DIY done, just get the materials and just start doing it...

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Artsy Jacket



Summer is oficially over, I used to be the number one Summer hater of whole Germany, the only fact of having more than 15 degrees made me desire moving to Finland or some country with a kick-ass low temperature. Now that Summer is over I enjoyed it so much and I’m not really feeling like getting into Autumn.

The only one thing I do like about this season is the fact that you can wear layers and mix them with freedom, as long as they look and you feel warm there will be no problem at all.

This type of arsty jackets are always keeping me warm, besides being an eye-catcher

Stay tuned for more outfits



Le Fashionisto wears

Jacket : Sakolowski

Shirt: Gibson London

Jeans : Asos

Pictures taken by XENIA KUHN

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Yes it is true! I made this coat, I had it reserved for a couple months and to be honest with you I only used it one time for a party in Berlin, most of the people actually think the coat is quite funny, though is a cool one. It took me a couple days to have it done, patience and rocket science patterns-like to accomplish this creation.

Creating a coat like this takes around a week, at least of you work 2 hours a day on it. Once I created it I thought it would be perfect for Winter but to be honest with all of you, I don’t really think this is warm enough to keep myself alive and classy during the NOT SO LOVELY winter in Berlin.

I feel quite proud of myself for having accomplished the creation of this  coat, not for the design itself but for the patterning...

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Too good for school



Too good for school?

LeFashionisto can tell you that going to a Catholic school was not the coolest thing on earth, the only thing I only liked was the fact we had to wear Uniforms, most of the people actually complained about it and said there was no freedom while wearing an Uniform. I’d definitely say that’s not the truth, some of my friends from school actually aimed for showing how they’d look like by wearing something different than an Uniform and that was certainly not the best Idea.

As far as the day we took the pictures, it was freezing outside. Although the outfit quite showed what I’d wear for school it did not protect me from the 12 degrees that we had on that day.

Anyways, we do whatever it takes to keep it stylish



El haber estudiado en una escuela Católica no fué de la...

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Emilie & Charlotte, San Sebastian 2011


Black and white/Paris/Photography.  These are 3 words that might cause an artistic Orgasm to someone who enjoys talent from young photographers, I met this amazing photographer during the time I spent on Madrid, she is so talented that I actually regret the fact that I had to leave Madrid after a couple weeks without the chance of being photographed by her. I’m pretty sure one of the first things I’ll be doing once I go back there is asking her for a shooting, I didn’t have the chance to see her Folio until my last day in Madrid. I was so impressed that I though she was taking her pictures with an analog camera, she was NOT...

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Pimp it up


The DIY Queen shows us how to pimp up some regular t-shirts to make them look amazing

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Captura de pantalla 2013-09-25 a las 21.09.13

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-25 a las 21.29.16  Captura de pantalla 2013-09-25 a las 21.10.03


Yay¡ I was interviewed by a Famous Mexican site that gives styling tips to customers in all Latin America
, para leer toda la entrevista haz clich acá


Es bueno saber que lo que haces le gusta a varias personas, esta semana me han entrevistado de una página Mexicana muy conocida por dar asesorias de Moda en toda Latino – América. Para leer el resto de la entrevista haz click acá


Ich hab’s geschafft :D  Ein ganz berühmter Website aus Mexico hat mich an dieser Woche interviewed.. Wenn du mein Interview lesen moechtest click hier ein.

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Jasmin Fashion Flower


Photo © Torsten Solin

Models:Eden/Jasmin The Strange/Julietta La Doll

Jasmin The Strange, the way we met each other was funny, as far as I remember it was on a Thursday night, I was wearing my indian pants and some cool yellow socks I found in Spain, I also remember we still had Summer and I had drunk a Cuba Libre to celebrate that I still had vacations. Suddenly a girl approached and she had something on her head, something that caught my attention, it was a headpiece, but not a headpiece that you can visually value on 10 Euros. NO, NO, NO it was something so special that you could see how much work and effort was put on it. It brought me back to those days where wearing a hat was a Symbol of respect and the bigger and beautiful the better.

This woman is Jasmin, she’s a Designer/Busi...

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Le Flirting



I have to say being single is amazing, not having to take care of a relationship is amazing! Having my time for myself and not having to explain where I’m going or who am I with is also a plus. I guess this is the perfect time to live single and enjoy life as much as you can, travel, get drunk. Whatever one can possibly imagine. Accomplishing this outfit was quite funny it came out of the idea of a type of guy who is THE GUY, not me of course but this idealistic trend much people have in mind. The only way I can describe that type of guy would be showing you how he looks like.

BOW TIE – BOW TIE is a perfect to look cute and still fashionable, if one is creative lots of things can be done just like my bow-tie. I made it myself and it took only 15 minutes to have it done...

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Fashion Night out?



Fashion was something I though this night was going to be full of. My regular job consists on blogging and getting to know bloggers and contact them for making connections all around the world, by checking on their blogs I was basically surprised by the level of proffesionalism of Cities like Mexico City, Tokyo, etc … Berlin should have not been the exception, but it definitely was. What’s Fashion nowadays, WEARING A BRAND? and thinking having a Céline bag makes you fashionable and cool. People! They cannot go any wrong, it was one of those nights were you say, what’s wrong withl this industry. All I saw was a couple ‘real’ Fashionistos/as and the rest of the people were just Fashion Zombies, I like to call people that way, it’s not  mean calling them like that...

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Avant-Garde Antiheroe

Being an Anti-Heroe was never within my plans, I always imagined myself as the guy who was saving everyone. Things have changed, I’ve got new perspectives in life and fighting AvantGarde heroes and artist is my new goal. My parents could have made a regular child out of me, instead a human being with a future vision for trends has been been created. I guess I’m just just having a Delirium kinda like moment. This outfit was just the perfect excuse to escape from a regular uptight day, see through trousers in Summer ( Hell yeah!) I have to thank Gregor Marvel for this trousers and the Jacket, well no words to say, wait!!!! There is one word – PERFECT – wearing eye-catcher clothing is turning into my thing, we’ll see.

Enjoy the pictures <3






Jacket : Kotter
Shoes: ...
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The AntoChrist’s Exorcism

LeFashionisto does not have any training as an Exorcist but I can certainly try to steal the colours out of this wonderful Designer, the very first time I had the change to see this colorful and mother nature loving creature  was during the screening of SANTA SANGRE . Not drinking too much was my goal for that night, looks like it did worth it. Holding my CUBA LIBRE in the hand and expecting for some of friends who were just hanging around the place, I saw a colorful shadow ( Yes, they do exist!) and decided to confront who seemed to be the coolest and best person during the after party, not knowing what to expect from her was definitely the best part. After 5 minutes of talking to her I realised she’s a WONDERFUL creature who’s not afraid of showing her true colours.


Photo © Hugo Rourke...

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Endless Summer

     I definitely have to say I love my new pants, they are just so cool. It’s was a total coincidence I got them because the Designer only made a couple samples of them <3 – I thought they might be too warm for the summer but decided to give them a try, lovely – lovely pants is all one can say about them, they keep you cool, classy and you’ll definitely be an eye-catcher for a while.

Have a lovely day  <3






Shirt: Zara
Sunglasses: ZeroUV
Shoes: Asos
Pictures taken by XENIA KUHN

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Good News!

The very personalized ONE SHOP store has chosen me as one of their official reviewers and bloggers

Buenas Noticias!

La tienda de accesorios personalizados ONE SHOP me ha escogido para ser  uno de sus escritores y bloggers oficiales


Captura de pantalla 2013-08-27 a la(s) 20.52.27

Captura de pantalla 2013-08-27 a la(s) 20.56.32

Gotta keep blogging <3

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From Berlin to Paris

This is probably one of the first time Fashion Bloggers from Berlin and Paris join forces, for this ocassion I’d like to introduce you the very talented Florent Humbert.

Florent and I have created some sort of role play, he was supposed to recreate what Berlin means to him, the concept was free and the inspiration as well. The OUTFIT to create was the main task. As far as me. Well,  I was supposed to play the Fashionisto from Paris and just like he did, I had to create an outfit inspired by the city of Lights.

Let the Catwalk begin!


 Florent  has composed this look inspired by the city of Berlin which represents to him a city forward-looking, modern, high-tech. He thinks about the contemporary architecture, the glass and metal buildings and their reflects...

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Photography doesn’t mean a hobby for this guy, it means EVERYTHING. Camilo Villabona is a young Colombian photographer who’s rocking the streets of Bogota and NY. His undoubtedly talent has taken him to a place where many would love to be, and yes I mean taking A – LISTERS pictures.

I’ll leave you here with the exclusive Editorial this young Photographer made in NY and shared to LeFashionisto










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Sakolowski – The man behind the clothes


I have to start this post saying that It’s been an honour having the chance to interview this guy. He’s more than just a simple Designer living in a hipster town, he’s not a fancy wannabe designer like the ones you use to find at social events, he’s a rebel, a free spirit who left Fashion School for not matching with him, someone who’s not scared of doing different. The Aubrey de Grey of Fashion, always searching how to make from his label a sign of inmortality.

I have to confess I met one of his creations at first, where? The Friendly Society . From the very first time I saw his art I felt in  some kind of trance, it was just amazing, one cannot imagine how much work this man puts into everypiece he creates...

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Summer vibes


Here’s another outfit that I’d recommend for summer, although the temperature was 28C this outfit turned out to be really comfortable and the jersey  blazer is a must, not only for it’s lightness but for keeping things cool although the sun shines like hell!

Something I’ve go to mention is the lack of colours I’ve seen here in Berlin, sometimes is quite boring watching people wearing black durig the whole year, there are more colours! Go straight to your closet and get them out.

Shoes: H&M summer collection 2012

Trousers : Religion London

Pictures taken by XENIA KUHN





Enjoy the summer!

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The ‘ Fashion Punk ‘ – Anatomy of a spirit


© Maria Imaniel Art

Gregor Marvel a free spirit and Designer, a man who doesn’t believe in mainstream fashion. We can call him a ‘ Fashion Punk’ if there was a way to categorize such a personality into a couple words. The word ‘ Fashion ‘ doesn’t really fit on his designs, I would categorize them as art, with a print of soul in every pattern and button.

Always thinking on how to WOW his customers and colleagues is part of his philosophy. Not expecting to fall in the regular fashion market is how this man’s idea made it to the bis leagues, and yes I’m talking about NY.

Let’s see what he has to confess to LeFashionisto


© Ken Knoll photography

Why Fashion, why did you decide to get into this rollercoaster?

I always wanted to do something for myself and by myself, at the age of 12 I starte...

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Who’s gonna be the winner ?


 Hi Fashionistos and Fashionistas !

Last week I was invited to the ” Kultur- und Kreativpiloten mit dem Bundeswirtschaftsminister Preis Verleihung” -
Although the name is quite long it was actually a night where a couple companies whose ideas are creative and might definitely have a representative market within our not yet broken German Economy got an award because of their innovative ideas.

The location was definitely good and the service was professional, I’m still wondering why people was checking on my outfit, then I realized I was wearing my yellow socks and my inca-like printed pants ( I still think it was a great choice), the catering service was top class. The place was so crowded with people of all niches which actually added variety and made the night even more interesting.


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Garden of Eden


© for Evropa magazine

I’ve had the pleasure to meet the super talented model and performer Eden a couple weeks ago during a Burlesque show here in Berlin. I have to say she’s one of a kind, as soon as one of my friends introduced me to her, the first thing that came to my mind was ” Damn, isn’t she elegant” then I talked to her for a couple minutes and realized she’s not only a Model, she’s a real person someone who does have something to tell and has a voice to do it. Let’s see what she’s got to say to Le Fashionisto …

What moves such a woman like you in life?

 Well thats a big question. I guess some kind of urge to be creative and to express myself, discover myself,  love and the search for happiness and fulfillment.


© Ellen von Umwerth

Did modeling and perf...

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Indian roots


Hey everyone! It’s me again – Today I wanted to show you something that I wore yesterday, I liked to outfit somehow, the print on the pants brought me back to my indian roots in a way.

I was wearing this to go for dinner with friends and assist to a Film Screening .

I got the trousers on my trip to Spain, I dare to say it was a nice summer investment, besides the look that old ladies give you once they watch the trousers does worth it at all!

Hope you all love it  <3










Pictures taken by : XENIA KUHN


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Pieces of a trip


That was pretty much the last day of this amazing 2 weeks trip, ending up in the old city of Burgos with the feeling that you want to stay even longer. Spain you’ve got my heart and my money as well. I never though it would be such an amazing place, the people always smiling at you and ready to help and to be helped.

The lovely breakfasts, the beloved ” Churros con Chocolate” – the disccounted fashion articles all over the city – It’s just amazing how you realize there are so many places to visit that may offer you what you really want to have for a perfect trip.

Something I definitely loved and made my life way easier while visitig the city was the fact that they’ve got WI-FI all over the city and it’s free! ( Berlin  you should that as well )

Visit this place if you have the chance, it...

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Check out this video hosted by the Berliner Designer Gregor Marvel

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Santa Sangre – Pura Sangre

If you’re an actual fan of Fellini and Tarantino films you’ll definitely love ” SANTA SANGRE”. It’s something  refreshing to see. I had the chance to see the film before but once they BERLIN FILM SOCIETY announced a screening mixed with performances I said ” I’m up for it”

I was quite impressed about the description that Jack from the Berlin Film society gave about Jodorowsky he just said ” A man who speaks 5 languages, all with an accent- A man who’s got no nationality but the world” – It makes you think it’s gonna be something quite impressing and it defininitely was.

Once you see that much blood in a single place  it makes you disappear from your daily routine, having breakfast or waking up early are trivial  compared to what this characters show you: double personalities, the effor...

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Le Fashionisto in Madrid 2


Here’s the second part of my trip, it was amazing. I did love Madrid. It’s such a wonderful city, got thousands of things to see. People were just amazing with me and always had a smile on their faces when it comes to help.

On this day I decided to move around the area of Chueca where I was staying, it’s a central area. You’ve got many atracctions just a couple minutes away from home.

Esta es la segunda parte de mi viaje, fué de lo mejor! Me encantó Madrid, es una ciudad muy bonita, tiene muchas cosas para observar y visitar. La gente siempre fué muy amable y la mayoría de las veces puedes contar con que tendrán una sonrisa en el rostro para ayudarte.

En esta segunda parte les mostraré el recorrido que tomé por el barrio Chueca ( donde me estaba hospedando)...

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MAGPIE takes Berlin


Let me introduce you  this talented girl! Her name is Yukiko Picapica she’s from Japan but has been living in Berlin for around a year.

Let’s see what she’s got to say to Le Fashionisto


What do you do here in Berlin?

I’m a fashion Designer and a Street style photographer for HAPICLO.

Why did you move to Berlin?

My favorite designer lives in Tokyo, his name is BANZAI. I met him there and he convinced me that Berlin was a good place to live and work as a creative.  I think I made the right choice moving here, I love the city.

How would you describe Japanese Fashion?

Japanese love layers, we love wearing clothes in geometrical forms, we love matching things so that they look like a game,for most of us fashion is a game.

I went to Japan two months ago and I was amazed how people were actua...

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A place called España


After spending a few months in Berlin, I’ve decided to go for a trip what will be my destination?- Spain.

I need to go back to my roots, practice my Spanish ( feels like ages since I haven’t spoken ), I’ve decided to make start in Madrid and then go to Burgos. Two cities one fashionisto and lots of pictures to share.

Después de haber pasado un par de meses en Berlin he decido ir de viaje. ¿ Cuál será mi destino? – España

Necesito volver a mis raices y practicar mi Español ( se siento cómo si no lo hubiera hablado en 100 años). He decidido empezar mi viaje en Madrid y luego ir a Burgos. 2 ciudades 1 Fashionisto y miles de fotos por compartir.


What a good way to begin this trip in Spain by eating in one of the most amazing restaurants in Madrid ” La Cocina de San Anton”

I did love ...

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The torero

My trip to Madrid was not only for fun, I’ve met a really talented young French designer who’s creations are worn by toreros . Let’s see what he’s got to say.

      1002270_10201419416786688_1214829527_n   What’s your name?

          Roman Mittica

         Where did you study Fashion design?
I first studied Literature and Plastic Art, then Applied Art in the                North-East of France, but I spent the three last years in the South of the       country (in Nîmes) to study Fashion Design.

What inspires you to Design?
Well, everything is an inspiration to me : people I meet, trips, music, museums, …
A little thing or detail can move me, or inspire me. Ideas, concepts. Design is not just about design, it’s also about life.

Besides Design what else do you do?

A lot of t...

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Black spirit Berlin

Sin título copia

to post 2 copia

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IMGP4458 copia

topost1 copia

denifitiva1stoutfit copia







It’s the first outfit I’ll be posting here. I’m excited to know what’s coming from now on. As far as the outfit it’s pretty much how I’d face the hell of a Summer temperatures we’ve got and still keeping it cool!


Es el primer atuendo que estoy posteando en mi blog, estoy un poco emocionado de lo que vendrá de ahora en adelante. En cuánto a lo que llevo puesto es cómo yo normalmente combato las temperaturas altas cuando estoy en Berlín y manteniendo las cosas con un poco de mi estilo personal.


Pictures taken by XENIA KUHN




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