Why you should never shop at Primark


Why you should never shop at Primark


I really don’t get it. I’m obviously not the only who can see that most products at Primark are inferior quality, not to mention the chemical smell in the air you get each time you visit one of their gigantic stores.

I do support the fact that everyone should be able to shop wherever they want to without being judged, however I see only a few cases in which shopping at Primark is a good idea. It’s like a rat race there with people rushing to get what they stock. I really wonder if so many people have such low quality standards.

I can picture a few scenarios in which someone might need to shop at Primark out of necessity...

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BRACHMANN – Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign






Photography by Ulrich Hartmann.
Models: Maximilian von Eller-Eberstein, Robin Höhn and Silas Winter


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México lindo – México bello – México hermoso!

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Picture taken by E.W

It’s been two weeks since I came back from Mexico and all I can think of is recommending the country to every friend of mine.
Mexicans happen to be wonderful people, kind, gentle and generous. As soon as you’re there you feel like home. If you happen to be lost, there will always be someone there to help you. The city itself has an interesting vibe, even in the most expensive neighborhoods you feel there’s still something original and classic at the same time. It’s not he typical attitude of adopting the last trends coming from Europe (boring!!)
The architecture is very interesting as well, there are buildings that you can admire for hours, such as the Carlos Slim Museum, the Jumex Museum...

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outfit_final-01It’s time for me to show you my next project. If you happen to be the type of person who’s completely tired of expensive outfit suggestions coming from major sites and magazines, you will like this!

OOAD is a website that shows outfit suggestions for all types of guys, the clothing selection for this looks is within the budget. Feel free to check the site and send any suggestions on how we can improve.





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A few thoughts

berlin thoughts

There are few things I’ve learnt since I live in Europe. Moving abroad teaches you a lot, shows you how far a situation can take you and tests your resistance and patience constantly.

For some reason I wasn’t able to collect so many experiences from the time I lived in Colombia. I guess it’s the fact of having to live by yourself that really takes the best or worse out of you. Berlin has taught me how sloppy people can be, so unconsistant to a level of not being able to start many things because of being afraid of working with this people along the way.

This doesn’t mean every person in Berlin is like that, I’ve met innovators, creatives and people in general who push themselves everyday no matter what their mood or condition is. My best friend for example, he is an innovator...

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What should I wear to get into Berghain?

berghain outfitBerghain is known for being one of the best party venues in the world. Its not unusual to hear 1st-time Berlin visitors and locals talk about the legendary club and how amazing they imagine it to be. But the club’s door policy is also legendary. So before going, an important question to ask is:

What Outfit Should I Wear if I go to Berghain?

There’s no ” Charlie Charlie” answer for this. Just a few suggestions I can give you, these are based on what I’ve seen when partying there. I’ve grouped the ages from Berghain goers and tried to recreate some of the outfits they wear.

The first group would be the ”youngsters” – Yes, I just said youngsters! This group of Berghain goers is mostly composed of people between 20 and 35. Young professionals and students can be included in this group...

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Sneakers for him

sneakers for guysChristopher Shannon F/W 2015

sneakers for himChristopher Shannon F/W 2015

Band_of_Outsiders_003_1366Band of Outsiders F/W 2015

Band_of_Outsiders_005_1366Band of Outsiders F/W 2015


Raf Simmons F/W 2015

Nowadays, sneakers are used more than they were before, so much for men and women because it reflects a casual, comfortable and simple look.

It is interesting to analyse the perspective when men use this type of shoes because some of them choose sneakers according to convenience or comfort, then they forget about the appropriate design for an specific outfit or the one which can be more versatile, this is in case the man’s interest is to have a basic and useful wardrobe.

Many looks are seen everyday where sneakers are not the right option and other ones where is not the outfit itself, it is just the shoes being so hideous that no one should use them at a...

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Visual diary Colombia: Part 3


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Colombian train

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 A trip comes to an end!

Welcome back to Germany…



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Visual diary Colombia: Part 1


Salt cathedral Zipaquira

Salt cathedral Zipaquira

Salt cathedral Zipaquira

Salt cathedral Zipaquira

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

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Aesop für Männer

Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-22 um 01.03.30

Aesop wurde in Melbourne im Jahr 1987 gegründet, um eine Palette von Superlativ Produkte für die Haut, Haare und Körper zu schaffen. Insbesondere diejenigen mit den größten antioxidative Eigenschaften – Aesop ist die Verwendung sowohl auf pflanzlicher Basis und im Labor hergestellte Zutaten von höchster Qualität und nachgewiesener Wirksamkeit verpflichtet.

Was ist A Flaxen Finish den genau?

A Flaxen Finish ist einer von den besten Trio für Reise, Sport und die tägliche Körperpflege. Wie man es nutzen muss würden kann, würde ich Ihnen gleich weiter erzählen. Teilen Sie Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser in den Händen oder auf einem Schwamm und dannach anschließend auf die feuchte Haut auftragen und sorgfältig abwaschen...

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Is It Right To Be Gay?

Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-02 um 19.58.49

Picture by Daniel Foster

I don’t agree with what Luis Pabon said in “Why I No Longer Want to Be Gay.” For him, being gay is something that you can outgrow, and when it has outlived its usefulness, you can go back and live life as a straight man. It feels his being gay is superficial and became gay for all the wrong reasons.

Pabon said he came to the gay community in search of love, intimacy and brotherhood, but all he found was loneliness, disunity, and infidelity. He might have been hanging around with the wrong crowd. The community is not perfect, but the same can be said for any community. And in order to find a good set of friends, whether they are gay or straight, is to hang out with the right crowd.

Being gay, I don’t like how Pabon stereotyped gay men as having indiscriminate...

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Being Loved

A day at school

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Aesop for Men

AESOP MALE BEAUTYFace cleaner for men

If you are in search for an excellent way of cleansing the dirt that has built up or formed on your skin layers, Aesop’s Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser is the suitable cleanser to use. It is a mild cleanser product from Aesop that is used with water to easily remove make up and grime from your skin. It contains the mixture of parsley seed, avocado, lavender oils and sweet almond oils that does not only soften your skin, but also makes it look refreshed and cleansed.

You can apply it to a dampened skin and rub it on your face and on your neck. To obtain the finest result from the use of this product, use it on a daily basis while leaving it on your face for several minutes before you rinse it off with warm water.

By using it twice in a day, the 200mL Aesop Facial Cleanser can last for ab...

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5 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

trip to lisbon

lisbon trip weekend

lisbon wochenende

lisbon street

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photo 1

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Planning a Lisbon Travelling Tour? Here Are 5 Things You Must Do While There

Lisbon is an abundance of indescribable beauty, wonderful people and enduring sunshine. This gorgeous Portuguese capital is a cornucopia of things to do and see. Take a tour. Travel in Lisbon, and you will certainly dream of permanently relocating there. Although the city of Lisbon is small compared to other Western European capitals, it is the largest city and the only capital of Portugal. If you want to grasp the distinctive atmosphere of Lisbon, do these five things!

Treat Yourself

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, the city that is Lisbon has an assortment of pastries that will take you days to sample them all. That explains why the Portuguese have an undeniable sweet tooth...

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Rick Owens Film

RICK OWENS Fashion Show Spring Summer 2014 – Paris

It’s been a while since this happened! But as you know I can’t stop admiring the work of Rick Owens and Michele Lamy…

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Honest by Bruno Pieters

Honest by bruno pieters

honest by bruno pieters

202_lbdlPhotography by Alex Salinas, 2012.

Honest by Bruno Pieters

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve had a proper conversation about Fashion and the things that are happening in the Industry,  surprisingly it all came back to me yesterday. The trigger? Just someone very interesting who seems to like things that have a story behind, also  into the small but very important details of Fashion. After walking around the city and having a very  unhealthy Frozen Yogurt, he mentioned  the ethical principles from a label he’s discovered a while ago.

The name of this label is Honest, it’s Directive Creator’s name is Bruno Pieters. A Belgian fashion designer and art director highly regarded for his avant-garde creations and sharp tailoring...

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How to get into Berghain?

CLothing to go to Berghain

Some of the questions first timers ask themselves before going to Berghain(the best club in Europe) are :

What type of people get into Berghain?

What should I wear if I want to get into Berghain?

As I’m not an experienced Berghain goer, I can only say that I’ve seen some people getting in and some others being left over in the line. Of course with a broken heart for not being able to party like monsters in one the most famous party venues in the world. It seems like there are even urban legends about some of the things you can experience  in Berghain. Which makes me think why is Berghain so attractive? It’s just a club… calm down and keep your crap together… Behave like you’re too cool to even want to get into Berghain.

Being gay might help to get into Berghain, being straight can help...

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A Guide to 5 Men’s Watch Trends

daniel wellington classic watch (lyst)

When a man decides to buy a watch, a lot of discernment goes into his choice. There are a lot of factors that play into which type of wristwatch will be best for his lifestyle. One guy might need his watch for its tools, such as the stopwatch complication. On the other hand, sometimes a man simply wants one for its fashion factor, upping style points on every outfit.

No matter the reason, the best way to go about your new purchase is to take a look at what’s trending. From the best looks on the menswear runways to the most popular styles on the market, below is a quick and simple guide to the timepiece trends that you should keep an eye on.

  1. Stone Age

As this article describes, new ways to make watches stand out from older models include the use of unexpected materials, such as “ultra...

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