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There are few things I’ve learnt since I live in Europe. Moving abroad teaches you a lot, shows you how far a situation can take you and tests your resistance and patience constantly.

For some reason I wasn’t able to collect so many experiences from the time I lived in Colombia. I guess it’s the fact of having to live by yourself that really takes the best or worse out of you. Berlin has taught me how sloppy people can be, so unconsistant to a level of not being able to start many things because of being afraid of working with this people along the way.

This doesn’t mean every person in Berlin is like that, I’ve met innovators, creatives and people in general who push themselves everyday no matter what their mood or condition is. My best friend for example, he is an innovator. An example for me to follow and a daily input in my life. Just like other individuals I keep close to me.

Gay life in Berlin isn’t really “alive”. If by life people would mean sex, then this city matches the criteria of the gay life. After 3 years of being here I feel dissapointed of the gay scene in Berlin. It’s fine if  someone only looks for sex, but I’m a hesitant if that’s what life is all about.

Somehow today I feel lucky to be surrounded by people who don’t see this as the only way of living. It can get very tiring when everytime you talk to a guy it all goes into the same direction (hook up). We should take the time to meet people, discover what they have to say and find something more than just how handsome they are.

I think gay people are afraid of feeling and being vulnerable. We seem to be afraid of being loved and getting hurt. As I’ve been hurt a few times, I like taking those experiences as a bonus for my life and also as something that has taught me how to love others in a better way.

These are just a few thoughts about living abroad…






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