one month

It’s a fact that July has 30 days, it is also a fact that those 30 days represent 30 new chances to see the sun rising, also it’s downfall. After those 30 days, you will be 30 days older and the sun had already made its way down to your skin. There is no soulful purpose for living those 30 days intensively, however, these last 30 days have showed me a few things.

A few years ago, I couldn’t grasp the whole meaning of ‘’family values,’’ although there we present in my life, there wasn’t really a time I thought about the importance of appreciating your family, accepting them as they are, and if you can’t, at least making a compromise with yourself to respect who they’ve decided to become. After 6 years of being away from Colombia, I respect and value my family more than I ever did.

After these 30 days away from Berlin, I feel how much I miss the people I’ve surrounded myself with. I don’t really miss the city, I guess places are made by people…

Lastly, I have realized how much affection I am capable of feeling. Not only I feel grateful for meeting the person, to whom I am proud to call partner, but also to realize that my love for this person, increases more with the time. Of course difficulties are around the corner, but it’s up to each person to decide how to handle the always-upcoming-issues life plays with.

While I write these words, I sit by the window of my Medellin room, thinking of all the stuff I need to start once I’m back in Europe…


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