On Being A Runner for five Years

Moving from Colombia to Germany in 2012 brought the chance to reinvent myself. One of my goals included doing more sports or at least caring a bit more about my body and myself. I decided to start running because it sounded like the easiest and less expensive way to start moving my body.

After five years of running 4 times a week, I can only say how grateful I feel that I decided to embark on this journey. At the beginning, it was only about the physical training, the exhaustion, and to a certain extent, the reward of accomplishing some kilometers. As life goes by, so does happiness, loneliness, joy and all the other feelings that enrich our lives. At some point, running became part of my routine, and I realized I wasn’t running anymore to see results, I was running away from my problems. Whenever I had anger, I would let it out by running faster than I used to. If I felt happy, I’d run with a funny-looking smile on my face.

During the last 6 months, I realized I stopped running away from my problems. Now, I’m running with them… I think that one can’t simply get rid of problems, but we can use them to give us power and valuable teachings. Every time there’s something aching my head, I run with it and through it. I try to come in good terms with it, and let go if possible. Running became a meditative way to step out of myself and look at life situations from an outsider’s perspective.

I’m curious to see what’s the next thing after meditative running (in case of any ideas, just let me know)

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