I had the chance to see a couple shows during this Fashion week, some of them were executed in a way that leads me to believe that  Fashion is dying and all what’s left is ”FAST – FASHION” – However, by knowing already the label ( Brachmann), I knew exactly what I was going to find, it was something I’d like to call a Fashion orgasm. That’s the term I use for collections and items of the Industry that really catch your eye and you know that you need to have them. They are just not simple pieces you just buy and use a couple times, they become and stay as that single one piece you just want to use a couple times and only for special occasions.

Brachman presented during this Fashion week what I’d like to call the ” Perfect Gentleman” – Simple,  elegant but never overdressed. Perfectly cut and patterned pieces made by the most exquisite materials one can find out there. Made to fit the elegant ones, the fashionistos and overall anyone who wants to carry a look that will guarantee elegance and exclusiveness.

As a label’s signature, some of the pieces were hybrids between different types of patterning and periods of time, at the end it all becomes a single garment made to fit and offer comfortability and style the the person who’s wearing it.

This label does not base itself in just Fashion, I can see an Architectural component on it, the symmetrical way most of the garments are perfectly cut, the way every single piece looks when the models had it on. This historical component that leads me to believe this label is not just one of the crowd. I would feel guilty and bad about calling BRACHMANN just  a Fashion Label, this is art. Art to be worn, pieces that have a little bit of soul and personality attached to it.

Thanks for this delightful show and I really wish BRACHMANN to keep growing the way it’s been happening lately.


Alta costura para hombres es algo que nos ofreció la marca Alemana Brachmann durante la semana de la moda en Berlín. Tuve la oportunidad de asistir a este evento y no me arrepiento de haberlo hecho, usualmento creo que la industria de la moda pasa por una crisis y que la creatividad es algo que se esta acabando de cierta manera, sin embargo ya conocía esta marca y sabía perfectamente que esperar de ellos. La colección es simple de describir pero a la vez tiene este ” Yo no se qué” el cuál logra cautivarme y encerrarme en la perfección de las prendas.

El patronaje es sin duda un componente importante para haber logrado que  esta colección cautivara a tantas personas, los híbridos entre prendas son el sello de esta firma Alemana. Sin duda el mejor show de toda la semana de la moda!

Algo que me cautivo también fué la música durante el show, esta es una de las muestras de el grupo que tuvo se presentación durante el show. La banda se llama WIDE y vale la pena escucharlos

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