CAPSULE A/W 2014 Berlin




CAPSULE A/W 2014 Berlin

“The perfect lifestyle experience” — that’s how I would describe the Capsule event held in Berlin during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week from the 14th – 15th of January at the Postbahnhof.

I was invited to cover the event, and what better way to arrive than via an “Über”-Berlin chauffer. The driver picked me up at my home and graciously opened the door for me just minutes after entering my trip details and preferences via the App. It was then that I realized that today was going to be even more special than usual ( : D )




But enough about me, let’s focus on what really matters here: CAPSULE!

Capsule is a fashion and lifestyle trade event that combines high-end, progressive brands and independent designers, presenting a curated assemblage of collections from around the world. Capsule captures the best of the most current trends of the market, joining many different brands, products, and looks all in one single place—it’s not just about clothing, it’s about lifestyle. From high to low, chic to simple: You can find it all in a single place. It is truly inspirational to experience so many great elements of design, patterning, quality, and texture all at once, all in one place.




One of the exhibits that really stood out was Mipacha, an amazingly innovative new house. Mipacha was founded in Cuzco and creates beautiful garments using only traditional South American textiles. Their aim is to introduce Europeans to the culture of Peru by combining the beauty of Incan textiles with contemporary style. It will take you only a couple seconds to realise the quality and richness of the colour and the culture of their products. This young but fearless label shows us that fashion has the power to transport us, to transform us, and to reinvent our perspective.





As I continued walking through the venue, a peculiar smell entered my nose: Tea.

The aim of P&T is to bring a culture of refined and expertly prepared tea back to this part of Europe—not the sort of tea sold just anywhere, but something truly special, selected personally for you and your own, unique preferences, originally and perfectly presented. Of course, Germany is not normally associated with tea, but this concept is interesting, visually attractive and most important, DELICIOUS!

Nice job P&T



Did I mention how fiercely everyone in attendance was dressed? Clearly, one can profit much simply from the experience of attending and seeing the talent and originality of the other customers to pull-off their own outfit. Even beyond the products on sale, themselves, this was, like all events in Fashion Week, a week of living and breathing fashion all around us, not least of which, that of the other spectators.

Another label that caught my eye was “Pancho and Lefty.”

“We are a clothing, footwear, design store who aim to introduce, nurture and market new and exciting brands on the European market. Brands that have not before been readily available in these parts. Heritage brands with a long tradition of turning out quality products, catering to discerning customers.”

Luckily for my bank account, I forgot, in the fray of preparing for this awesome event, to bring my CC, otherwise….





In conclusion, I am so happy to have attended such a diverse, unique, and refreshing curation of fashion and lifestyle goods, and I am so thankful for having been invited to take part.

I am glad that they will also be setting up in Fashion Weeks throughout the world—New York, Texas, and Paris—so that you’ll be able to experience it in person, too!

But, for now, I think this will stand out to all the Berliners who attended as one of the highlights of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week here.

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