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I Didn’t Get Into Berghain. Now what?

Salt cathedral Zipaquira

This happened just a few weeks ago, I was ready to show the world my dance steps influenced by my Colombian genes and my long nights of dancing to techno around the city. I remember it was a Sunday afternoon, the queue to get into Berghain wasn’t very long and the bouncers didn’t seem very picky that day.

As people kept getting in, I realized I was already at the entrance. Nostalgia starts running through my body as I hear the beat of the music they were playing that evening through the door. Ready for the usual yes, I approached the door, just to have one of the door guys say, “we don’t want you here” – I had no option but to leave with all the energy I had while completely amazed about being rejected from Berghain.

I’ve written guides on how to get in to Berghain and being rej...

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East Dane shopping time!


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This is Eastdane’s BIGGEST Sale of the year- this sale lasts an entire WEEK!

The Sale begins Tuesday, November 25 7:00AM U.S. Eastern (New York) Time Zone through Monday December 1, 11:59 Pacific (L.A.) Time Zone. There is NO brand exclusions, and with this sale, the more you purchase the better the savings.

Spend $250= 15% off,

Spend $500= 20% off,

Spend $1000 = 25% off.

Can’t wait to get my hands on some if this precious stuff!


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DO NOT PANIC BEFORE THE SHOW is the best way to keep things cool if you’re trying to survive through the days of casting, fitting and of course the excitement of making of part of a real show with real models, real designers and a very nice work-team.

This are some pictures I took during this weekend while working with the post-classical-menswear label BRACHMAN by assisting the styling and the many things that have to be done to keep things moving. I realised working with such a cool team makes me feel identified with this label, the treatment the models got was really good, I felt some of them were actually shocked because of the fact of being treated like humans and not just like a pretty face with a hot body whose labour is just looking good.

The p...

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