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Esmod Vernissage from ” BIOMIMETICS “


BIOMIMETIC”  Vernissage

It was a fantastic night full of creativity, properly/creatively dressed people. The event that took place at the Gemaelde Galerie in Berlin was a cooperation between ESMOD BERLIN and the well known SHENKAR COLLEGE in Tel Aviv and also the Goethe Institut, this time some of the samples from designs made by students of the Shenkar College and Esmod were shown here in Berlin, I have to say I was amazed by the concept they have developed and how just a simple idea can become a garment. It was also very nice to see how all the students and people were excited to hear the speech  from Silvia Kadolsky ( director of ESMOD Berlin ) and Rachel Berman ( Senior Lecturer and Local & International Activities Manager, Shenkar College ) gave.

Biomimetics is somethings tha...

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Fashion Night out?



Fashion was something I though this night was going to be full of. My regular job consists on blogging and getting to know bloggers and contact them for making connections all around the world, by checking on their blogs I was basically surprised by the level of proffesionalism of Cities like Mexico City, Tokyo, etc … Berlin should have not been the exception, but it definitely was. What’s Fashion nowadays, WEARING A BRAND? and thinking having a Céline bag makes you fashionable and cool. People! They cannot go any wrong, it was one of those nights were you say, what’s wrong withl this industry. All I saw was a couple ‘real’ Fashionistos/as and the rest of the people were just Fashion Zombies, I like to call people that way, it’s not  mean calling them like that...

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Who’s gonna be the winner ?


 Hi Fashionistos and Fashionistas !

Last week I was invited to the ” Kultur- und Kreativpiloten mit dem Bundeswirtschaftsminister Preis Verleihung” –
Although the name is quite long it was actually a night where a couple companies whose ideas are creative and might definitely have a representative market within our not yet broken German Economy got an award because of their innovative ideas.

The location was definitely good and the service was professional, I’m still wondering why people was checking on my outfit, then I realized I was wearing my yellow socks and my inca-like printed pants ( I still think it was a great choice), the catering service was top class. The place was so crowded with people of all niches which actually added variety and made the night even more interesting.


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