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Santa Sangre – Pura Sangre

If you’re an actual fan of Fellini and Tarantino films you’ll definitely love ” SANTA SANGRE”. It’s somethingĀ  refreshing to see. I had the chance to see the film before but once they BERLIN FILM SOCIETY announced a screening mixed with performances I said ” I’m up for it”

I was quite impressed about the description that Jack from the Berlin Film society gave about Jodorowsky he just said ” A man who speaks 5 languages, all with an accent- A man who’s got no nationality but the world” – It makes you think it’s gonna be something quite impressing and it defininitely was.

Once you see that much blood in a single placeĀ  it makes you disappear from your daily routine, having breakfast or waking up early are trivialĀ  compared to what this characters show you: double personalities, the effor...

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