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A year goes by. Hello stranger.

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A few thoughts

berlin thoughts

There are few things I’ve learnt since I live in Europe. Moving abroad teaches you a lot, shows you how far a situation can take you and tests your resistance and patience constantly.

For some reason I wasn’t able to collect so many experiences from the time I lived in Colombia. I guess it’s the fact of having to live by yourself that really takes the best or worse out of you. Berlin has taught me how sloppy people can be, so unconsistant to a level of not being able to start many things because of being afraid of working with this people along the way.

This doesn’t mean every person in Berlin is like that, I’ve met innovators, creatives and people in general who push themselves everyday no matter what their mood or condition is. My best friend for example, he is an innovator...

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QUEENSIZE Exhibition Berlin

Some pictures of the QUEENSIZE exhibition

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