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New to Berlin

pictures of quality by Daniel Mora


Pictures of equality

pictures of equality

Equality pictures

Pictures taken by Daniel Mora

Berlin is not always nice to new comers. It can be cold, agressive and give you a feeling of loneliness… That’s how I felt when I moved here. After 2 years of being based in Berlin, it all seems to be working out.  Took a while but that’s just the way it was for me.

Sharing stories of people moving to this city is interesting. It gets even better when they are talented and have something to say, like Daniel Mora, a young expat from the U.S, who recently moved here to get a new perspective that contributes to his work. Let me share Daniel’s experience with you…

Having moved to Berlin at the end of September, I have sadly put my projects on hold. Since I come from the USA, it’s hard for me to get a visa to live and work in Germany (EU)...

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Being Loved

A day at school

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Modelos Masculinos Colombianos

Colombian male models

Andrés Linares – INforma m o d e l s

Latino male modelsLuis Martín Velasquez – INforma m o d e l s

latino male models

Andres Mosquera – INforma m o d e l s

La imagen que se tiene en Europa de los modelos suramericanos es muy definida: Hombres con grandes torsos, rasgos muy masculinos y ese aire de macho que parece enloquecer a muchos acá en Alemania. Lastimosamente este tipo de hombres representan la  imagen que nos gusta vender, entre más musculos se tengan, mayor es la probabilidad de ser considerado un verdadero hombre y de despertar la envidia de los de la especie.

Es de concluir que  para aquellos con la carencia de estos rasgos, un mercado para desarrollarse sea más dificil de encontrar...

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