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SUPERHERO–  We all had our very own heroes, in my case things were always quite different.  I was a child whose biggest fear was having his Fashion magazines destroyed and his clothes not fitting anymore because of growing up. I was obviously a healthy/social child but Superman, Batman and Green Lantern didn’t really ever looked like my model of heroes at least not when it comes to Fashion.

When the whole Blogging world started around 8 or 9 years ago I felt Impressed of

A. Having a sufficiently good Internet connection to check on websites

B. The ability of bloggers to put outfits together

C. The power and growing factor all this blogs had

At some point I realised only few of them were true to their mission and were really fashion lovers and thought like ones.

Even though I have never ...

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The queen of blood has just talked!


Love this interview with the Queen of Bonaparte!

I simply love her she’s a free spirit.

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Mine from Alvaro de la Herrán on Vimeo.

Love this video!!!

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