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Zarahlena talks to LeFashionisto

LadyTrauma lay1 RED marca

© Zarahlena Von Berlin


It was a Winter night and while freezing my ass off outside I decided to get myself into any place where people seemed to be happy and willing to give some human warmth. A party! yes, that´s where I came in, beats of Electronic Music and what seemed to be a Famous DJ kept the party moving. I saw a girl, more like someone like I had seen before but she spoke my language, I mean Spanish. After talking for five minutes I realized this girl was not just another party monster, she was a talented Photographer who had something to say to the world.

Her name is Zarahlena, Photographer by heart. Talented and incredibly amazing human being with Mexican/German blood in her veins.

1 RED marca-

© Zarahlena Von Berlin

By looking at your pi...

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Fashion Birthday


Le Fashionisto’s Birthday

Today is my 20 something birthday. This 2 years have been so intense that I already feel like if I was 30, it is quite hard to describe the bunch of feelings I have while writing this post. As you all know this blog is mostly about Fashion, but I feel  people shall see the person behind this website. David is my name, Bogota my hometown and Berlin the place where I live, moving from Colombia to start my life’s trip one of the best desitions I’ve ever made . I ask myself what’s going to be from my life in a couple years because I cannot even manage what happens month to month. This last 3 months have been full of surprises, deceptions, new people I’ve met...

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Emilie & Charlotte, San Sebastian 2011


Black and white/Paris/Photography.  These are 3 words that might cause an artistic Orgasm to someone who enjoys talent from young photographers, I met this amazing photographer during the time I spent on Madrid, she is so talented that I actually regret the fact that I had to leave Madrid after a couple weeks without the chance of being photographed by her. I’m pretty sure one of the first things I’ll be doing once I go back there is asking her for a shooting, I didn’t have the chance to see her Folio until my last day in Madrid. I was so impressed that I though she was taking her pictures with an analog camera, she was NOT...

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