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Jasmin Fashion Flower


Photo © Torsten Solin

Models:Eden/Jasmin The Strange/Julietta La Doll

Jasmin The Strange, the way we met each other was funny, as far as I remember it was on a Thursday night, I was wearing my indian pants and some cool yellow socks I found in Spain, I also remember we still had Summer and I had drunk a Cuba Libre to celebrate that I still had vacations. Suddenly a girl approached and she had something on her head, something that caught my attention, it was a headpiece, but not a headpiece that you can visually value on 10 Euros. NO, NO, NO it was something so special that you could see how much work and effort was put on it. It brought me back to those days where wearing a hat was a Symbol of respect and the bigger and beautiful the better.

This woman is Jasmin, she’s a Designer/Busi...

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The AntoChrist’s Exorcism

LeFashionisto does not have any training as an Exorcist but I can certainly try to steal the colours out of this wonderful Designer, the very first time I had the change to see this colorful and mother nature loving creature  was during the screening of SANTA SANGRE . Not drinking too much was my goal for that night, looks like it did worth it. Holding my CUBA LIBRE in the hand and expecting for some of friends who were just hanging around the place, I saw a colorful shadow ( Yes, they do exist!) and decided to confront who seemed to be the coolest and best person during the after party, not knowing what to expect from her was definitely the best part. After 5 minutes of talking to her I realised she’s a WONDERFUL creature who’s not afraid of showing her true colours.


Photo © Hugo Rourke...

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Sakolowski – The man behind the clothes


I have to start this post saying that It’s been an honour having the chance to interview this guy. He’s more than just a simple Designer living in a hipster town, he’s not a fancy wannabe designer like the ones you use to find at social events, he’s a rebel, a free spirit who left Fashion School for not matching with him, someone who’s not scared of doing different. The Aubrey de Grey of Fashion, always searching how to make from his label a sign of inmortality.

I have to confess I met one of his creations at first, where? The Friendly Society . From the very first time I saw his art I felt in  some kind of trance, it was just amazing, one cannot imagine how much work this man puts into everypiece he creates...

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