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Fashion Winter Shoes



Hi Fashionistos/as

Fashion Winter shoes are a must if you live in a Country where Winter lasts more than 5 months! I’ve  picked some of my favourite for this season, most probably I’ll  choose the Creepers, they offer me an amazing look, a good price and most important ( not really ), they will protect me from this cold temperatures.

This Winter will be completely different, once again I don’t have my family with me but a bunch of friends and special people that I’ve recently met whose presence make my life full of joy and happiness.

It’s a bit weird  thinking that I want to get as many shoes as possible for this Winter and knowing that where I come from (Colombia) someone would be greatfull to get at least a pair of shoes...

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The Fashion Pope

The Fashion pope


Finally outfit pictures again! this pictures were taken right after I had my bike accident. I cannot really understand why I agreed to take them although I had such an accident,  the things one does for Fashion!

The Fashion Pope

_DSC2531bw Kopie


Por fin nuevas fotos! Aunque estas no son nuevas tengo que decir que las circustancias en las que fueron tomadas no fueron las más optimas. Antes de haber tenido este shooting me caì de mi bicicleta y cómo resultado duré un par de minutos inconsciente, la verdad no me importo mucho y terminamos tomando las fotos! Las cosas que se hacen por la moda.



 Endlich mal Outfit-Bilder. Diese wurden sofort nach meinem Fahrradunfall vor zwei Wochen aufgenommen. Eigentlich habe ich mich noch unwohl gefühlt aber ich wollte die Bilder für meinen Blog haben...

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Fashion Interview


– Fashion Interview –


This week has been pretty much running everywhere around in Berlin (Mitte, Kreuzberg, F-Hain) – I didn’t really even had time to organize a shooting for this week, this pictures where taken in a short 15 minutes pause we had while heading to the Headquarters office from HOW.DO where I had the chance to meet the whole team and also to Interview them and get to know what the actually do here in Berlin. is an app for Iphones where you can basically learn to create things step by step, just like a bow tie or whatever you can imagine. We had so much fun on that day, although the team was a bit shy at the beginning we found the way to make them speak and show their work to the camera.

This is going to be our first video fashion interview, it sounds so freaking am...

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