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– Fashion Interview –


This week has been pretty much running everywhere around in Berlin (Mitte, Kreuzberg, F-Hain) – I didn’t really even had time to organize a shooting for this week, this pictures where taken in a short 15 minutes pause we had while heading to the Headquarters office from HOW.DO where I had the chance to meet the whole team and also to Interview them and get to know what the actually do here in Berlin. is an app for Iphones where you can basically learn to create things step by step, just like a bow tie or whatever you can imagine. We had so much fun on that day, although the team was a bit shy at the beginning we found the way to make them speak and show their work to the camera.

This is going to be our first video fashion interview, it sounds so freaking am...

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diy bow tie



How many times do we actually see a guy wearing a bow tie?

Answer : Once every year, that is definitely a shame, we look so cute and classy once we’re wearing a bow tie, it makes us look like gentleman ready to take our couple to a ball or a very elegant party. In fact it might also be used and combined with daily outfits and give a touch of elegance without making you look overdressed.

This DIY is for those boys who want to look elegant and for those girlfriends or boyfriends who want to have a very stylish person right next to them, it is really easy to do and will take around half an hour.

Some research from Wikipedia

The bow tie originated among Croatian mercenaries  during the Prussian wars of the 17th century: the Croat mercenaries used a scarf around the neck to hold...

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Trench coats, how not to like them. They might be your salvation from the cold Winter. The fact that they are not puffy makes from them my very first choice when it comes to get warm in this cold Weather, just like every single day I decided to use my bike to go to work – Surprise – 4 degrees out there. Seriously? Little Fashionisto you have to accept the fact that temperatures are basically dropping down and in just a matter of months we’ll reach the zero degrees. But who cares, as long as I have my Jackets and some Chocolates with me I’ll survive. This week has been basically hard, I have been thinking I’m only giving steps back, I just have to be patient and stay strong until it all goes away.

Btw – My very first DIY will be published on Sunday

Have a great day







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