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Upcycled leather jacket



Upcycled Leather Jacket? That is definitely possible! I’ll show you how to do it. The only thing you might need is a Jacket that you’re not using anymore, the sleeves could be ugly/damaged, 2 hours, scissors, sewing machine and the most important is – ATTITUDE- that’ll make it even easier.

I’ll show you  the process with pictures, it is definitely easier to understand and doable. I decided to do this because I did love that Jacket until it started to get damaged, throwing it away was an option but the satisfaction of making my very own clothes pushed me to upcycle it.

It doesn’t take that long to have this Military DIY done, just get the materials and just start doing it...

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Artsy Jacket



Summer is oficially over, I used to be the number one Summer hater of whole Germany, the only fact of having more than 15 degrees made me desire moving to Finland or some country with a kick-ass low temperature. Now that Summer is over I enjoyed it so much and I’m not really feeling like getting into Autumn.

The only one thing I do like about this season is the fact that you can wear layers and mix them with freedom, as long as they look and you feel warm there will be no problem at all.

This type of arsty jackets are always keeping me warm, besides being an eye-catcher

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Le Fashionisto wears

Jacket : Sakolowski

Shirt: Gibson London

Jeans : Asos

Pictures taken by XENIA KUHN

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Yes it is true! I made this coat, I had it reserved for a couple months and to be honest with you I only used it one time for a party in Berlin, most of the people actually think the coat is quite funny, though is a cool one. It took me a couple days to have it done, patience and rocket science patterns-like to accomplish this creation.

Creating a coat like this takes around a week, at least of you work 2 hours a day on it. Once I created it I thought it would be perfect for Winter but to be honest with all of you, I don’t really think this is warm enough to keep myself alive and classy during the NOT SO LOVELY winter in Berlin.

I feel quite proud of myself for having accomplished the creation of this  coat, not for the design itself but for the patterning...

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