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Shopping with a student budget

Being a college student is a great chance. Considering the fact that just 6,7% of the population holds a college degree. The opportunity of learning is something awesome but at the same time being a student means mostly having no money at all, money that some of us would like spend indulging ourselves, treating us with some nice trips or buying clothing.

There are some options for students who don’t want to look all uniformed and wear all the same H&M/Primark clothes that last for just few months. These options for shopping a bit more expensive than the usual stores but worth the price and most likely they will last a long time.

Some of the shopping sites I can recommend for college students trying to save some money include East Dane, Mr. Porter and The Voo.

East Dane offers s...

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Deconstructing: Thom Browne Mens S/S 2017

Thom Browne MENS S/S 2017

Thom Browne offered a feast for the eyes at Paris Mens Fashion Week. Above all, his talent of surprising his public show by show is the main reason why we will deconstruct his collection. What does that mean? We will try to go inside the designer’s mind and hunt for those motifs that inspired him to create the collection. More or less, I will try to relate some movies and images I’ve seen to connect them with specific pieces of this collection in order to recreate the designer’s creative vein.


One of the most symbolic outfits of the beach collection is the one including the red neoprene overcoat. The coat reminds me of to a certain extent Mickey Mouse’s red trousers (1928), and the way the white buttons look on the fabric. Some videos (HERE) from the Mick...

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Latinos for Trump ?

Latinos for trump

The hottest topic of the moment around the world happens to be U.S politics – Who’s winning? Who has dropped out of the race? These are just a few of the topics we’ve been confronted with lately. The profile of each candidate turned out to be our daily bread and as we all know, there’s one peculiar candidate who arouses both feelings of disgust and for some others respect.

As you may know, we’re talking about Mr. Trump – Yes, the man with the funny hair and the orange skin! In case you don’t know what he represents, I’ll just offer some adjectives:

Misogynist – Racist – Sexist

Now that you been given the “Trump for dummies” it’s time for me to delve into the facts.

Even if Mr...

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