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escaping winter – what to pack?

Winter is that time of the year where some of us feel joy about the snow, family gatherings  and spending more time at home, however, when it’s enough of it, we feel the urgent need to fly away, to warmer lands. These are some essentials from Peek & Clopperburg for escaping winter in warmer lands. Could be Spain, Marocco or Israel, who knows?

All in all, you might need something to carry your bag around, like “Weekender bag von Peek & Cloppenburg” ,I found at their site. Other elements you need include a nice set of tank tops, a sweater that is your companion at the airport, t-shirts, the classical shorts, and underwear to go. Enjoy shopping and escaping winter!

Weekender Tasche von Peek & Cloppenburg




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how often do we take time to reflect on what we do, how we do it, and most important, why we do things? my stay in barcelona has given me a good chance to reflect upon these aspects of my life. One terrorist attack took place a few days ago. This made me think upon the fragility of life, compassion and our mission in life.

we take life for granted. the morning coffee, the train ride to university, dinner with our loved ones, but do ever question ourselves if this could suddenly finish? by saying so, i don’t mean to be negative, im just trying to make sense of the fragility of life.

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