• 1/2 yard of fabric for exterior — A thick fabric is recommended. Wool plaid works great; you could also consider using a vintage wool blanket or even a wool men’s shirt.
  • 1/2 yard of fabric for lining — A thick, cushy fabric such as wool felt, fleece or other soft material.
  • zipper, about 4–6″ longer than the width of your device
  • sewing machine with zipper foot
  • sharp scissors
  • Ruler


  • Aproximadamente 50 cms de tela para exterior, les recomendaría una tela gruesa.
  • Aproximadamente 50 cms de tela para relleno.
  • Una cremallera aproximadamente 10 o 12 cms mas larga que tu computadora
  • Máquina de coser con pie de Cremallera
  • Tijeras
  • Regla



Place the zipper right-side down on the right side of one of the exterior pieces, orienting the zipper so the overhang is equal on both sides. (Note:  The zipper is being placed on the long edge of my sleeve, but you could just as easily place it on the narrow edge if you prefer.) Pin the zipper in place along the side edge.


Coloca la cremallera por el correcto hacia abajo en una de las piezas exteriores, orientando la cremallera para que el área que se destaca por los lados se igual en ambos lados.


At the corner, make small snips in the zipper tape every 1/4″, which will allow the zipper to bend around the corner more easily. (Be careful not to snip too close to the zipper itself.)


En las esquinas deberás realizar pequeños cortes hace el interior cada 2 cms, esto permitirá que la esquina de la cremallera se adapte fácilmente a la tela.


 Now, sew the lining down, following the exact seam line you made in the previous step. I find I get the best results if I sew this piece with the exterior piece facing up, so I can sew right along that first seam line, assuring that the two seam lines will be lined up perfectly,  trim the excess fabric from the corners


Es tiempo de coser el forro de la misma manera que lo hiciste la primer vez, lo mejor sería si lo coses siguiendo la misma línea de costura que utilizaste para la primer capa, después puedes retirar el exceso de tela de las esquinas.

como hacer una maleta

 Turn your fabrics right-side out, and this is what you’ll have — the lining and exterior will be neatly attached to one side of the zipper, and the other side of the zipper tape will still be naked. We’ll be working on the naked side now.


Voltea la capas de tela de tal manera que las capas internas queden hacia la parte afuera


Place the second piece of exterior fabric right-side up, then place the assembled piece over this, aligning the naked edge of the zipper with the new piece of fabric so that everything is aligned the same way it was the first time around. Remember to snip the corner curve on the zipper tape. Pin everything in place, then sew the naked edge of the zipper to the new exterior piece.


Coloca la otra pieza de tela de exterior, después coloca las otras piezas de tela que ya estaban cosidas encima de esta. Coloca alfileres para asegurar la posición de la tela, cose la cremallera a la tela


After sewing the exterior piece, place the remaining lining piece right-side down on top of the whole stack. So what you’ll have, from bottom to top, is: second exterior piece (which you just sewed), the zipper, the first exterior piece, the first lining piece and finally, the second lining piece. Pin the second lining piece in place and sew it, following the seam line you just made when attaching the second exterior piece.


Después de haber cosido la pieza exterior, coloca la ultima capa de tela encima de la cremallera, asegura con alfileres y cose siguiendo la misma costura.


 Turn everything right-side out, and this is what you’ll have — the zipper is installed, but the bottom and sides of the sleeve are still unfinished.


Voltea la tela hacia afuera y verás que la cremallera ya está en su lugar pero los lados están aún sin terminar

how to make a laptop sleeve

Flip the piece inside out so that the right sides of the exterior pieces are facing each other. Pin the exterior pieces together around all three unfinished edges. Using the zipper foot on your machine, begin sewing at the center of the bottom edge, and sew up around the side, stopping at the point where the zipper seams begin. Backstitch at the end of this seam to secure. Repeat for the other side, again beginning at the center bottom and working up the side.


Voltea las piezas y deja que las caras exteriores estén juntas, asegura con alfileres y procede a coser a un centímetro de distancia.

como hacer una maleta facilmente

Finally, flip the piece again so that the right sides of the two lining pieces are facing each other (move the exterior pieces out of the way). Pin the lining pieces together as you did for the exterior and sew them in the same way, but leave a 6″ opening along the bottom edge so that you can turn the piece right-side out.

After sewing these seams, carefully turn the piece right-side out through the opening in the lining. Finally, stitch the opening closed by hand or on the machine.

There you have your bag!


Finalmente, voltea las piezas de tal manera que las dos caras de tela interior queden la una contra la otra, asegura con alfileres, cose a un centímetro de distancia. al coser deja un agujero de 8 cms en la mitad de la tela para que le puedas dar la vuelta.

Voltea la tela y ya tendrás tu maleta lista!

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