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Fashion was something I though this night was going to be full of. My regular job consists on blogging and getting to know bloggers and contact them for making connections all around the world, by checking on their blogs I was basically surprised by the level of proffesionalism of Cities like Mexico City, Tokyo, etc … Berlin should have not been the exception, but it definitely was. What’s Fashion nowadays, WEARING A BRAND? and thinking having a Céline bag makes you fashionable and cool. People! They cannot go any wrong, it was one of those nights were you say, what’s wrong withl this industry. All I saw was a couple ‘real’ Fashionistos/as and the rest of the people were just Fashion Zombies, I like to call people that way, it’s not  mean calling them like that. It’s just exhausting watching people’s behaviour towards Fashion, they all had the same things on, the same bags, the same shoes and the taste. It was quite distubing that everyone tries to behave the same way when it comes to Fashion.

IMGP4051 copia

At least I had some fun with my friends and had the chance to go to my very first ‘Fashion?’ night out in Berlin – I just hope the next year it’s gonna be better and once at all people realize Fashion is freedom and not just labels. This is not desperate housewives, there’s a world outside of your little mainstream LV bag, so get out of it and live it!!!


Fashion fué definitivamente algo que no vi en esta noche, todas las personas se vestían de la misma manera, era de cierta manera aburrida, todos parecían Zombies. Me refiero a zombies de la moda, lo cuál es peor aún. Aunque no todo fué negativo, tuve la oportunidad de conocer un par de personas que me llamaron la atención por su originalidad y sencillez. Este mundo de la moda debería estar mas lleno de ellos, ya he visto suficientes Wannabes cómo para que otros se sumen al grupo. Al parecer esta industria para la cuál trabajo no ofrece mucha luz al final del camino, aún así espero que lleguemos a un tiempo en el cuál las personas se concientizen que la Moda no significa LV-DIOR-GUCCI, esas sólo son marcas que venden un producto de consumo masivo. Moda significa originalidad, sencillez, libertad. Es un todo y no sólo seguir un par de tendencias.

LeFashionisto les desea un feliz fin de semana <3

Jacket by Ronny Sakolowski

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