From Berlin to Paris

This is probably one of the first time Fashion Bloggers from Berlin and Paris join forces, for this ocassion I’d like to introduce you the very talented Florent Humbert.

Florent and I have created some sort of role play, he was supposed to recreate what Berlin means to him, the concept was free and the inspiration as well. The OUTFIT to create was the main task. As far as me. Well,  I was supposed to play the Fashionisto from Paris and just like he did, I had to create an outfit inspired by the city of Lights.

Let the Catwalk begin!



 Florent  has composed this look inspired by the city of Berlin which represents to him a city forward-looking, modern, high-tech. He thinks about the contemporary architecture, the glass and metal buildings and their reflects. He thinks also about an underground side with a lot of concrete & street art.


I created this look inspired by the always looking good marine blue that represents France, it just a color that  I love. I decided to use suspenders because it’s an accessory that should be back on time, if people knew how to use them in a properly way, thee would actually be the new IT when it comes to men accessories.


Berlin is also to him a night city : a night clubbing culture with a lot of parties, a young town, avant-gardist in electro-music & dijing. A city with beautiful night lights and a speed city, he thinks about deutsche automobile and it’s speed.


This actually is actually a mix of High Street brands and Low Street brands as well, it represents to me this  guy of Paris who’s ready for everything, working then having a dinner, he has the perfect outfit for every occasion without make a huge effort to accomplish it.

He’s an eye catcher and he knows it. He’s ready to take the city and make it shake with his attitude. He’s not a guy who believes in trends, he just wakes up in the morning open his closet and knows exactly what to do. He’s a citizen of the world and is always looking forward.

METROPOLIS look final

When he thinks  about the Berliner style, he thinks about neon colours and 90’s touch, with influences from streetswear & sportswear ( backpack, sneakers, K-way, cab.. ect ), and an underground or neo-punk touch with black leather or torn bleached jean .

So he mixed and matched all theses ideas with his universe to create his personal vision of this neo-futurist Berlin. A city forward-looking, full of creativity and modernity in music, architecture, and fashion.


He’s not just a citizen, he is Paris. He lives the culture and makes part of it, he is one with his clothes. A fashionable symbiosis taking the Elegant and classy streets of Paris.

David was wearing

T-shirt : H&M
Suspenders: DIY
Sunglasses: Asos
Shoes: Velez NY

Pictures by XENIA KUHN

Florent was wearing

Leather mini backpack, vintage
Leather jacket, vintage
Top, home made with a scarf
Leather leggings, H&M
Sneakers, Zara
Glasses, Addicted

Thanks to Florent for this Collaboration!


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