How to get into Berghain?


CLothing to go to Berghain

Some of the questions first timers ask themselves before going to Berghain(the best club in Europe) are :

What type of people get into Berghain?

What should I wear if I want to get into Berghain?

As I’m not an experienced Berghain goer, I can only say that I’ve seen some people getting in and some others being left over in the line. Of course with a broken heart for not being able to party like monsters in one the most famous party venues in the world. It seems like there are even urban legends about some of the things you can experience¬† in Berghain. Which makes me think why is Berghain so attractive? It’s just a club… calm down and keep your crap together… Behave like you’re too cool to even want to get into Berghain.

Being gay might help to get into Berghain, being straight can help you too. By saying this I just want make it clear that not only gay people get in, but everyone who’s nice and seems to be able to party. Always try to play cool, do not show excitement while waiting outside, this will just show your ‘uncoolness’ and will probably get you a NO at the front door.

Some of my accquintances who happen to be in Berghain every weekend decided to tell me some of the NO GOES plus some tips that might get you in!

  • Wearing all black might help you to get in.
  • Transparencies/see through clothing can help the door guy by giving you a YES.
  • If drunk or high before getting into the club, make sure it’s not that obvious.
  • Being skinny can get you in.
  • Forget the pastel tones…
  • Forget the dappered outfits.
  • Act like being all relaxed and DO NOT show any excitement.
  • While taking to the Berghain bouncer, keep your tone down ( you don’t want to be a diva at the entrance of Berghain)

These are some of the tips that can get you into Berghain, however it seems that no one has ever taken the time to show you which outfit you can wear, I think this will give you a real idea of everything I am trying to say.

Now that you’re in. What should you do in Berghain?




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  • Travelling Monk  says:

    We love to party and party hard and since we are coming from Sweden to Berlin soon I was wondering if it is still as hard to get into this club? Do the DJs still do the legendary sets? Anyway, thanks for sharing your tips, I will try to hide all the partying I plan on doing before we show up, lol.

    • Fashionadmin  says:

      It’s not really hard. You can make it. Follow the Berghain light and show no emotions!

  • James  says:

    Same concern as Travelling Monk, but with something else: I don’t look german at all (brazilian half-black guy) and don’t speak deutsch either.

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