Honest by Bruno Pieters

Honest by bruno pieters

honest by bruno pieters

202_lbdlPhotography by Alex Salinas, 2012.

Honest by Bruno Pieters

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve had a proper conversation about Fashion and the things that are happening in the Industry,  surprisingly it all came back to me yesterday. The trigger? Just someone very interesting who seems to like things that have a story behind, also  into the small but very important details of Fashion. After walking around the city and having a very  unhealthy Frozen Yogurt, he mentioned  the ethical principles from a label he’s discovered a while ago.

The name of this label is Honest, it’s Directive Creator’s name is Bruno Pieters. A Belgian fashion designer and art director highly regarded for his avant-garde creations and sharp tailoring. His previous experience includes Martin Margiela, Thimister and Christian Lacroix in Paris, as well as Antonio Pernas in Madrid.

”Honest by is a pioneering clothing brand and retailer launched in January 2012. We offer designer products with complete transparency in price and manufacturing creating a new paradigm in fashion. Honest by is unique in being entirely open about our supply chain and pricing. Our products are made with respect for people and animals. Suppliers are vetted to ensure every component in every product has the smallest impact on our health and environment.”

By following up in that interesting conversation I was having yesterday, we came up to the conclusion that Honest is one of those labels where you can find clothing for the daily wear, but worked in such a way that every piece of clothing means something special. There is a twist just few labels show us nowadays, by twist I mean the fact of giving simple clothing a different pattern, adding something extra, an additional component that positionates them in the range of labels that have pulled themselves out of the mass.

At this point it’s clear for all us that Honest by Bruno Pieters means something in the Fashion Industry, what you don’t know is price range this label works with. The jacket shown below costs only €256,79, is made out of cotton jersey, shoulders out of tweed and of course it’s all organic.

bruno pieters clothing

Just to keep on showing you how affordable this label is…

Bruno pieters kleidung

”Grey flecked cotton jersey trousers. Crafted from fine cotton, this effortlessly cool design creates a casual yet sophisticated look and is perfect for your travels around the world. The inside of this garment is finished with organic cotton bias tape.’

My words of admiration to this Label and it’s Marketing/Design concept and also thanks to the person who told me about this!

Official link to website here

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