Jeonga Choi for LeFashionisto

jeonga choi pour le fashionisto

Jeonga Choi for LeFashionisto

It’s been a long time since I made an interview! Gotta get back to it ASAP!

For that reason I have decided to feature this talented designer who I met back in 2013 during the Urban Spree, she had all these amazing hats on her stand, they all ( the hats ) kept telling me ” Take my home with you ” – Seriously, no need to exagerate at all. Such a talent and quality are hard to find, at least not at very reasonable prices.

Here’s some of the things Jeonga has to share

Where are you from ?

I was born in Seoul but I moved to Australia  when I was 21 years old.

Why did you decide to focus your main product towards head accesories?

I always liked to work creatively and to create something with my hands. I liked sawing and started to make my own beenies just for fun. When more and more people asked me where I bought them I realized that people actually like what I do. So I continued making beenies and little accessories.  When I moved to Berlin I needed something to do. Due to the fact that if you want to start a label Berlin is probably a good city, I decided to keep on making hats and developed these skills more and more to the point where “Jeonga Choi Berlin” is right now

jeonga choi for le fashionisto

Do you feel more inspired by the country you come from, or where all this inspiration comes from?

Of course we all carry our home and the heritage  in us,  so it is a part of my inspirational process. I like the old traditional korean costumes and patterns for example, they also had great hat shapes back in the days. But basically I get my inspiration from everything exciting and interesting around me. ( Architecture,  Pictures, Art, Fashion, History, Colours, all  that kind of stuff )

If you could tell us a point when your career changed and ‘’ started ’’ when would that be?

There is no real turning point. The career develops step by step. But it was never  a solo album, it was always connected with great people I met on the way,  who helped me a great deal. Establishing a label since the first day was a team thing, and I am very lucky to have great people next to me who help and support me and the label on the way.

LIBERTY-POMPOM-CAP jeonga choi berlin for le fashoinisto

What are the plans you have for your label on the short term?

To create fashionable and same time wearable hats and accessories for modern women and to give people the satisfaction, that with a hat from JEONGA CHOI BERLIN their outfit will be completed. And one day I would like to see Tilda Swinton wearing one of my hats

How do you see yourself in Berlin, as one of the thousand of artists that live here or is there something that makes you unique?

I don’t want to be so arrogant to say that I am unique with what I do. There are many many great creative people and labels in this city and many of them to amazing stuff. All I want to establish and create is the feeling, that my customers become a piece of uniqueness, when they wear my hats, because they know that maybe only a handful other women will have the same peace and even though, that each and every hat is a handmade piece of its own.


What is your point of view towards fast-fashion the 21st Century?

More diversity through more and more smaller labels and people who are interested to dress themselves not only in H&M and other big brands.  People with ideas and visions. People who hopefully find customers who appreciate it more and more that the t-shirt isn’t made somewhere in Bangladesh and I can buy it afterwards here for € 4,99. Customers who want somethiong nice and who accept, that this will have a price which is necessary to pay.
And I am always quite curious which decade style, or long gone pattern or material will be unburried next and brought back to life. But even if history repeats itself and fashion always is a constant circle of remaking trends which had been there before, it is always a different context in which they exist, so there are always new parts in it from our contemporary time, this is what I like and find quite fascinating; like a good remix of a great song; you now the melody but is also surprises you and it feels fresh and different …


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