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Let me introduce you  this talented girl! Her name is Yukiko Picapica she’s from Japan but has been living in Berlin for around a year.

Let’s see what she’s got to say to Le Fashionisto


What do you do here in Berlin?

I’m a fashion Designer and a Street style photographer for HAPICLO.

Why did you move to Berlin?

My favorite designer lives in Tokyo, his name is BANZAI. I met him there and he convinced me that Berlin was a good place to live and work as a creative.  I think I made the right choice moving here, I love the city.

How would you describe Japanese Fashion?

Japanese love layers, we love wearing clothes in geometrical forms, we love matching things so that they look like a game,for most of us fashion is a game.

I went to Japan two months ago and I was amazed how people were actually getting dressed, everyone was so different in their very own way, but still amazing. Living here makes you sometimes to forget how the street style in different countries change.

Me: ( I do love it as well, comme-des-garcons should reduce their prices. I’d kill for most of their lovely pieces)


Do you think Japanese street style is better than Berlin street style?

We have to see that we are comparing 2 different cultures. I like Japanese street style because it’s really creative and at the same time looks good. It feels like we play with all the things we’ve got. If i Have a kimono you can be sure I’ll take the best of it. on the other hand I love berlin so it’s quite hard for me to decide which one is better.

What is your inspiration?

Culture/ parties/ music. Blitz party inspires me a lot, it’s like a costumes party, you can dress up however you like, no one’s gonna judge you.

How do you see your label ( MAGPIE ) in a couple years?

I don’t want to have one of this huge Labels,  that’s too mainstream for me. I want to have a small boutique in Berlin and Tokyo where people can come and feel like family but also keep things a little bit exclusive.


Painted shoes, made by Yukiko. Don’t ask for the price because it tremendously good 😉

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Interviewed by : David Quilaguy

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