Why you should never shop at Primark


Why you should never shop at Primark


I really don’t get it. I’m obviously not the only who can see that most products at Primark are inferior quality, not to mention the chemical smell in the air you get each time you visit one of their gigantic stores.

I do support the fact that everyone should be able to shop wherever they want to without being judged, however I see only a few cases in which shopping at Primark is a good idea. It’s like a rat race there with people rushing to get what they stock. I really wonder if so many people have such low quality standards.

I can picture a few scenarios in which someone might need to shop at Primark out of necessity. For example, a mother who needs children’s clothing that she can recycle very easily or a teenager looking to renew his wardrobe. However these scenarios could be different if that worried mother would just buy few basics of significantly better quality. Doing this would reduce the amount she has to spend on re-buying outfits that don’t last long due to the poor quality. On the other hand our teenager could just buy a t-shirt he really loves and would wear quite often instead of buying 3 or 4 he’s probably not going to be able to wear after a few times.

One can only trash-talk products by having tried them, which means I’ve bought basics at Primark only to realize they’re pretty much the worst thing I’ve ever bought. I would expect people to maybe have a similar mindset about not returning to the store, but no, it is like a zombie apocalypse out there. Probably the low prices are the attraction. But why buy something of low quality, cheap as it may be, and then discard it after a few wears and go back to buy more?

My issue isn’t only with the poor quality, on top of that everything looks basically the same. What’s the point? Trends and styles are supposed to be in variants, but you just have same color and “design” every time. It is all so dull and boring with no spark of creativity and imagination. Finally, let’s remember where these cloths are made and the inhuman situation laborers are probably made to work in before products get shipped to us.

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