one month

It’s a fact that July has 30 days, it is also a fact that those 30 days represent 30 new chances to see the sun rising, also it’s downfall. After those 30 days, you will be 30 days older and the sun had already made its way down to your skin. There is no soulful purpose for living those 30 days intensively, however, these last 30 days have showed me a few things.

A few years ago, I couldn’t grasp the whole meaning of ‘’family values,’’ although there we present in my life, there wasn’t really a time I thought about the importance of appreciating your family, accepting them as they are, and if you can’t, at least making a compromise with yourself to respect who they’ve decided to become. After 6 years of being away from Colombia, I respect and value my family more than I ever did...

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how often do we take time to reflect on what we do, how we do it, and most important, why we do things? my stay in barcelona has given me a good chance to reflect upon these aspects of my life. One terrorist attack took place a few days ago. This made me think upon the fragility of life, compassion and our mission in life.

we take life for granted. the morning coffee, the train ride to university, dinner with our loved ones, but do ever question ourselves if this could suddenly finish? by saying so, i don’t mean to be negative, im just trying to make sense of the fragility of life.

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