Fashion Night out?



Fashion was something I though this night was going to be full of. My regular job consists on blogging and getting to know bloggers and contact them for making connections all around the world, by checking on their blogs I was basically surprised by the level of proffesionalism of Cities like Mexico City, Tokyo, etc … Berlin should have not been the exception, but it definitely was. What’s Fashion nowadays, WEARING A BRAND? and thinking having a Céline bag makes you fashionable and cool. People! They cannot go any wrong, it was one of those nights were you say, what’s wrong withl this industry. All I saw was a couple ‘real’ Fashionistos/as and the rest of the people were just Fashion Zombies, I like to call people that way, it’s not  mean calling them like that...

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Avant-Garde Antiheroe

Being an Anti-Heroe was never within my plans, I always imagined myself as the guy who was saving everyone. Things have changed, I’ve got new perspectives in life and fighting AvantGarde heroes and artist is my new goal. My parents could have made a regular child out of me, instead a human being with a future vision for trends has been been created. I guess I’m just just having a Delirium kinda like moment. This outfit was just the perfect excuse to escape from a regular uptight day, see through trousers in Summer ( Hell yeah!) I have to thank Gregor Marvel for this trousers and the Jacket, well no words to say, wait!!!! There is one word – PERFECT – wearing eye-catcher clothing is turning into my thing, we’ll see.

Enjoy the pictures <3






Jacket : Kotter
Shoes: ...
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The AntoChrist’s Exorcism

LeFashionisto does not have any training as an Exorcist but I can certainly try to steal the colours out of this wonderful Designer, the very first time I had the change to see this colorful and mother nature loving creature  was during the screening of SANTA SANGRE . Not drinking too much was my goal for that night, looks like it did worth it. Holding my CUBA LIBRE in the hand and expecting for some of friends who were just hanging around the place, I saw a colorful shadow ( Yes, they do exist!) and decided to confront who seemed to be the coolest and best person during the after party, not knowing what to expect from her was definitely the best part. After 5 minutes of talking to her I realised she’s a WONDERFUL creature who’s not afraid of showing her true colours.


Photo © Hugo Rourke...

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