The ‘ Fashion Punk ‘ – Anatomy of a spirit


© Maria Imaniel Art

Gregor Marvel a free spirit and Designer, a man who doesn’t believe in mainstream fashion. We can call him a ‘ Fashion Punk’ if there was a way to categorize such a personality into a couple words. The word ‘ Fashion ‘ doesn’t really fit on his designs, I would categorize them as art, with a print of soul in every pattern and button.

Always thinking on how to WOW his customers and colleagues is part of his philosophy. Not expecting to fall in the regular fashion market is how this man’s idea made it to the bis leagues, and yes I’m talking about NY.

Let’s see what he has to confess to LeFashionisto


© Ken Knoll photography

Why Fashion, why did you decide to get into this rollercoaster?

I always wanted to do something for myself and by myself, at the age of 12 I starte...

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Who’s gonna be the winner ?


 Hi Fashionistos and Fashionistas !

Last week I was invited to the ” Kultur- und Kreativpiloten mit dem Bundeswirtschaftsminister Preis Verleihung” –
Although the name is quite long it was actually a night where a couple companies whose ideas are creative and might definitely have a representative market within our not yet broken German Economy got an award because of their innovative ideas.

The location was definitely good and the service was professional, I’m still wondering why people was checking on my outfit, then I realized I was wearing my yellow socks and my inca-like printed pants ( I still think it was a great choice), the catering service was top class. The place was so crowded with people of all niches which actually added variety and made the night even more interesting.


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Garden of Eden


© for Evropa magazine

I’ve had the pleasure to meet the super talented model and performer Eden a couple weeks ago during a Burlesque show here in Berlin. I have to say she’s one of a kind, as soon as one of my friends introduced me to her, the first thing that came to my mind was ” Damn, isn’t she elegant” then I talked to her for a couple minutes and realized she’s not only a Model, she’s a real person someone who does have something to tell and has a voice to do it. Let’s see what she’s got to say to Le Fashionisto …

What moves such a woman like you in life?

 Well thats a big question. I guess some kind of urge to be creative and to express myself, discover myself,  love and the search for happiness and fulfillment.


© Ellen von Umwerth

Did modeling and perf...

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