The queen of blood has just talked!


Love this interview with the Queen of Bonaparte!

I simply love her she’s a free spirit.

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Pieces of a trip


That was pretty much the last day of this amazing 2 weeks trip, ending up in the old city of Burgos with the feeling that you want to stay even longer. Spain you’ve got my heart and my money as well. I never though it would be such an amazing place, the people always smiling at you and ready to help and to be helped.

The lovely breakfasts, the beloved ” Churros con Chocolate” – the discounted fashion articles all over the city – It’s just amazing how you realize there are so many places to visit that may offer you what you really want to have for a perfect trip.

Something I definitely loved and made my life way easier while visitig the city was the fact that they’ve got WI-FI all over the city and it’s free! ( BerlinĀ  you should that as well )

Visit this place if you have the chance, it ...

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Check out this video hosted by the Berliner Designer Gregor Marvel

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