The torero

My trip to Madrid was not only for fun, I’ve met a really talented young French designer who’s creations are worn by toreros . Let’s see what he’s got to say.

      1002270_10201419416786688_1214829527_n   What’s your name?

          Roman Mittica

         Where did you study Fashion design?
I first studied Literature and Plastic Art, then Applied Art in the                North-East of France, but I spent the three last years in the South of the       country (in Nîmes) to study Fashion Design.

What inspires you to Design?
Well, everything is an inspiration to me : people I meet, trips, music, museums, …
A little thing or detail can move me, or inspire me. Ideas, concepts. Design is not just about design, it’s also about life.

Besides Design what else do you do?

A lot of t...

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Black spirit Berlin

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It’s the first outfit I’ll be posting here. I’m excited to know what’s coming from now on. As far as the outfit it’s pretty much how I’d face the hell of a Summer temperatures we’ve got and still keeping it cool!


Es el primer atuendo que estoy posteando en mi blog, estoy un poco emocionado de lo que vendrá de ahora en adelante. En cuánto a lo que llevo puesto es cómo yo normalmente combato las temperaturas altas cuando estoy en Berlín y manteniendo las cosas con un poco de mi estilo personal.


Pictures taken by XENIA KUHN




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