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DO NOT PANIC BEFORE THE SHOW is the best way to keep things cool if you’re trying to survive through the days of casting, fitting and of course the excitement of making of part of a real show with real models, real designers and a very nice work-team.

This are some pictures I took during this weekend while working with the post-classical-menswear label BRACHMAN by assisting the styling and the many things that have to be done to keep things moving. I realised working with such a cool team makes me feel identified with this label, the treatment the models got was really good, I felt some of them were actually shocked because of the fact of being treated like humans and not just like a pretty face with a hot body whose labour is just looking good.

The pieces that will be shown during the show are something I would call a Fashiongasm, not really sure if this is the right work but definitely I get excited by watching how much work involves to create this pieces, how tailored they are, the quality of the materials… Anyways, the press/magazines/peoplewithrealfashionsense are going to have a positive opinion about it.

Stay tuned for more information about this and other shows during this Fashion week.

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