I Didn’t Get Into Berghain. Now what?

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This happened just a few weeks ago, I was ready to show the world my dance steps influenced by my Colombian genes and my long nights of dancing to techno around the city. I remember it was a Sunday afternoon, the queue to get into Berghain wasn’t very long and the bouncers didn’t seem very picky that day.

As people kept getting in, I realized I was already at the entrance. Nostalgia starts running through my body as I hear the beat of the music they were playing that evening through the door. Ready for the usual yes, I approached the door, just to have one of the door guys say, “we don’t want you here” – I had no option but to leave with all the energy I had while completely amazed about being rejected from Berghain.

I’ve written guides on how to get in to Berghain and being rejected for the very first time feels good in a way, it somehow confirms:

  1.  Anyone can be either rejected or accepted into Berghain.
  2. Berghain is great but there are other clubs worth trying.

Not willing to let the previous incident ruin my evening, I decided to do some research about other options you have if you’re rejected from Berghain.


This is more of an afterhours venue than a dancing club. It’s located just 7 minutes away from Berghain by taxi, and a walking distance of almost 20 minutes. I liked the atmosphere in CDV; it’s laid-back and welcoming.

Am Flutgraben 1

12435 Berlin


Just three minutes away from CLUB DER VISIONAERE, this is an unrenovated apartment building. Perfect place to enjoy house & techno music. It has a great summer garden in case you want to take in some fresh air and the entrance policy is pretty ok. Be careful or you will get lost in this place (unless that’s what you want).

Alt Stralau 70

10245 Berlin


Not a bad option if you’ve been rejected from Berghain. The entrance policy is not very strict, and the place has a huge garden in case you need to cool down after dancing. The only thing you need to be aware of is that the techno dance floor is a bit small and can get pretty warm, other than that, I’d definitely recommend this club.

Markgrafendamm 24c

10245 Berlin


Don’t let your night to be ruined because you didn’t get into Berghain!

Also, here’s a map of the clubs all over the city. This map was created by Wimdu and gives you a pretty clear view of the distance between clubs while also offering you the chance to filter them by genre of music.

Die Berliner Clubszene per U-Bahn - An Infographic from Wimdu Blog

Embedded from Wimdu Blog

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