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I have to start this post saying that It’s been an honour having the chance to interview this guy. He’s more than just a simple Designer living in a hipster town, he’s not a fancy wannabe designer like the ones you use to find at social events, he’s a rebel, a free spirit who left Fashion School for not matching with him, someone who’s not scared of doing different. The Aubrey de Grey of Fashion, always searching how to make from his label a sign of inmortality.

I have to confess I met one of his creations at first, where? The Friendly Society . From the very first time I saw his art I felt in  some kind of trance, it was just amazing, one cannot imagine how much work this man puts into everypiece he creates. Once I visited him on his Atelier I felt like a child on a candy shop, I wanted basically to take every single piece created by him, it is so my ”thing” that I think I’m going to get myself a couple jackets from him.

I think I shall stop describing him that much, I’ll just leave you alone with this guy so that you all know what I mean …


Every one claims being a Designer here, what makes you different from everybody?

I consider myself a Designer, I put effort in every single piece I create, I focus on what I want and accomplish it. That doesn’t mean I am one of those who only create to sell, the process that I use while creating my art makes me closer to it. Details are very important to me, searching how to make from my designs a ‘ One of Kind piece’ is one of my goals, I analyze my customers, the world that surrounds them and me. From Collection to Collection I change what I do without losing my signature, I consider myself as a person with the ability to see and listen, then I go to my Workshop and put it all together, I guess that’s enough tomake me a little bit different than the others.

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Who’s behind Ronny Sakolowski?

I’d say myself, just a crazy guy, looking how to be immortal and how to preserve himself for the eternity, I think I won’t rest until I find the way to keep myself alive, it’s quite hard thinking you might get to a certain age where you cannot take care of yourself.



Why is it that you have such an Asian influence?

For me it’s all about Aesthetics, I’m a number one follower of the Japanese Aesthetics, they always have a process for everything, it’s a philosophy of creation, art of bringing your thoughts into reality. It’s has been something that I haven’t been able to find here in Europe, this importance of giving every little object a meaning. I’m just trying to catch the real essence of pattering and designing in my very own way.


You are originally from East Berlin, does it actually influence you while designing?

I’m from Pankow,  grew up and stayed here in Berlin, I cannot deny it influenced me somehow, that was a part of my life, but saying that  it actually influences my Designs would be a lie. There’s something that definitely lingers on me but it’s not a huge part, it’s been many years since it all ended up, it’s time to move on but learning from the past.


Describe yourself in 3 words?

Let me think….

Sincere – Free – Aesthetic


Name something that should be back in Fashion

Definitely something easy and practical, something from maybe a hundred years ago like ( Chemisettes ), it is definitely something I want to have back!


If you ever move out of this town, where would it be?


As I started painting my parents realized my desire of a skyscrapers-like city. I’ve always wanted to live in a city where houses look like skyscrapers, I’ve had the chance to stay many times in New York, I want to invade the city with my designs, it’s just the perfect place to live, the perfect mix of everything I love, a city where concrete and nature meet each other.


© George Doubleyou

Interviewer: David Quilaguy



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