The torero

My trip to Madrid was not only for fun, I’ve met a really talented young French designer who’s creations are worn by toreros . Let’s see what he’s got to say.

      1002270_10201419416786688_1214829527_n   What’s your name?

          Roman Mittica

         Where did you study Fashion design?
I first studied Literature and Plastic Art, then Applied Art in the                North-East of France, but I spent the three last years in the South of the       country (in Nîmes) to study Fashion Design.

What inspires you to Design?
Well, everything is an inspiration to me : people I meet, trips, music, museums, …
A little thing or detail can move me, or inspire me. Ideas, concepts. Design is not just about design, it’s also about life.


Besides Design what else do you do?

A lot of things (ahah) ! My passion for Fashion came at the same moment than my passion for music. I love singing, dancing. Fashion and Music are so related!

I also love to travel and see new things! I guess this is why I love so much to be a Fashion Designer : I’m never satisfied, and always want to look further! I also love to pose as a model, my work have always been related to the stage.

My last project will be to make the “french voice” for a character in a short movie.


 What do you here in Madrid?

As a Pedro Almodovar fan, it was one of my dreams to go to Madrid.
I took a huge opportunity : I’m currently carrying out an internship in “Sasteria de toreros FERMIN”, a famous house specialised in “Trajes de Luces” (Bullfighting suits).
As a fashion designer, I’m working on new patterns and design for embroideries and suits.
I really love the Haute Couture, and this house makes me see ancestral techniques.
After this internship, I will be preparing an exhibition that will be in the “Musée des Cultures Taurines” in Nîmes (in December, 2013) to show my work.
This experience is amazing, it gave me the chance to meet people from Chanel  or lastly the famous photographer Scott  Schuman    (

How do you see yourself as a Designer in 5 years?

In 5 years, I wish I could work in a famous Fashion house or brand. I also think it would be amazing to be a Creative director or to create my own brand. I have  lots of dreams that I fight for everyday.
Let’s see in 5 years if I’m not working in Mcdonald’s!( ahah)


Do you think fashion could be art as well?

Totally! Fashion is all about arts. I say ”Arts” because it’s related to so many categories that I love : photography, cinema, sculpture, painting, …
I also like when Art meets Fashion , as Martin Margiela’s work. You can’t even say if it’s more art than fashion! The garment , as art, express things that catch you. I guess that’s why I love so much Haute Couture.

I just have to say this guy is going to make it in the industry, he’s really talented and a charming person. He knows definitely what he’s talking about, he knows what he wants in life. The one and only last thing I have to is that I’m happy to know, there’s still real people in the business who puts heart and soul on what they do and not only trend followers.



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 Interviewer: David Quilaguy

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