Where to go in Berlin on a friday night

Where to go in Berlin on a friday night

Let’s pretend you are a visitor or a local, Friday is around the corner and you don’t know what to do! Berlin offers you many options to enjoy yourself in the not-so-German-city. Here’s the list you of things you can do on Friday in Berlin. From going for a walk in Tempelhof, until waking in Saturday not knowing where you are, but realising you just had your best night ever. That’s what you come to Berlin for, to live it’s wildness and let yourself to be taken by it.

There are some tips I can give to those trying to figure out what to do in Berlin on a friday night. This city can be wild, so be prepared to see very drunk people walking down the streets, strangers being more than friendly with you and of course cute guys being more friendly than usual… Now that the Autumn has started in Berlin, I would recommend you to wear something quite warm because you will chance from Bar to Bar, and believe me, you don’t want to get frozen in Berlin.

Things to wear in BerlinAs a newcomer to the city, you should know Berlin Fashion consists of black clothing, whether you’re going to Berghain, or just a regular pub, you will always see people wearing black garments. That’s why I’ve decided to suggest you this Jacket from Obey Newman, it is very economic and will keep you warm through the bar hopping on a Berliner friday night.


We all know how important it is to eat something before drinking Alcohol, that’s why I have selected the coolest place where you can get some fast food. This will your help your stomach and mind  to resist the process of living your first night in Berlin.


Fräulein Burger


what to eat on a friday night in Berlin

Fraulein Burger is the best place in town if you want to eat organic burgers! I discovered this place around 6 months ago, and since then I can’t stop having my weekly burger at this place. Known as one the best burgers in town, this place represents to me a part of the idillyc life of a Burger fan… Now you should be asking yourself how expensive such a burger can be, the price range is in between 4 and  9 euros. The meat, bread and everything used to cook this marvellous creations is organic, believe me that it will take you a long time to forget this place and even if you go back to your hometown, you will remember Fräulein Burger as the best burger you’ve eaten in your life.

Let the P.A.R.T.Y begin

  •  How about starting with a drink? – Something you have to learn in Berlin is to use the distances between places the right way, that means you can walk from Fräulein Burger,to the Liberate Bar. The  Liberate is a bar located 3 minutes away from Hackesher Mark, the cocktails are prepared with meticulosity to give their guests a 1A experience.
  • There is not way you are visiting Berlin and you don’t go to Kreuzberg. Known for it’s diversity of people, this place is a must during your visit. If you happen to go there, you can go to the Roses Bar, a place with a rich  history and considered to be one of the first gay friendly places founded around the area.


Now that you’ve seen a bit of Berlin on a friday night, it’s time for you to keep moving. FYI, in Berlin the party begins between 1 or 2 am… Let me begin with some of the most famous places to party here in Berlin.


This is the party to go to! For Berliners, tourists, trend setters/fashionistos, heterosexuals and of course gay. I’ve been there only one time. Will recommend it  to my friends once they come to Berlin and be like ‘ What to do in Berlin today?’


As you may know, I like Berghain. It’s darkness it’s something that makes me feel comfortable, the way you can feel so alone but being surrounded by many people, the music itself that makes your body move on a Friday night in Berlin. I took the time to write a guide about the THINGS TO DO IN BERGHAIN and  HOW TO GET INTO BERGHAIN, feel free to check it out and let me know if it helped you to have a nice evening in the city that never sleeps!

Enjoy your time in Berlin !






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