What should I wear to get into Berghain?

berghain outfitBerghain is known for being one of the best party venues in the world. Its not unusual to hear 1st-time Berlin visitors and locals talk about the legendary club and how amazing they imagine it to be. But the club’s door policy is also legendary. So before going, an important question to ask is:

What Outfit Should I Wear if I go to Berghain?

There’s no ” Charlie Charlie” answer for this. Just a few suggestions I can give you, these are based on what I’ve seen when partying there. I’ve grouped the ages from Berghain goers and tried to recreate some of the outfits they wear.

The first group would be the ”youngsters” – Yes, I just said youngsters! This group of Berghain goers is mostly composed of people between 20 and 35. Young professionals and students can be included in this group. Often this group does not have the resources to acquire fashion goods. Here I show some outfits that, if combined with the right attitude, will make it more likely that you get into Berghain.

What to wear to berghain

 1. sneakers (here) 2.  shorts (here) 3. t-shirt(here) 4. t-shirt(here) 5. sneakers(here) 6. shorts (here)

The second group of Berghain goers is composed of guys from 35 to 50. This group can often afford more designer goods. To me the ”ideal” outfit if you’re within that age and trying to get into Berghain, would be:

 Berghain for outfit1. t-shirt (here) 2. pants(here) 3. sneakers(here) 4.t-shirt(here) 5. sneakers(here) 6. pants(here)

As said before, this is just a sample of outfits that can help you get into Berghain.
Some people say Berghain has become mainstream. If so, who cares? The most important thing is to enjoy the music and the venue. If you listened to people who say this, it would be the same as not visiting Berlin because it welcomes thousand of visitors everyday.

Enjoy. LeFashionisto

2 comments to What should I wear to get into Berghain?

  • general_melchett  says:

    an other post on how to get in to berghain?…ultra boring!
    been there, done that, got in every single time…some people just fit, some people just don’t. deal with it, matter of luck before anything else. go on sunday between let’s say 10am – 2 pm or 8pm —-> end

    take care, party safe

    • Fashionadmin  says:

      Thanks for your opinion! Looks like you’re really good at getting in. I’ve never had a bad experience trying to get in, but I can understand some people would love living the “experience”… At the end is just another club.

      Take care

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